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  1. I was gonna say I like the speakers in the background ... btw sent you a PM
  2. can i grab a connect amp as well? I've sent you a PM
  3. I wonder how they sound? They're (Dappolito) usually complex to get right from what I read.
  4. I got an RS1 as well and I don't think ill be getting rid of it. Such good cans. You can also change the foam to GS1000/2000 and they sound a bit more airy and a lot more comfortable to use. GLWS
  5. Want it! but i'm in gold coast I got the little brother x12 and they're brilliant.
  6. yeah im just looking for my very first valve amp and I can't see that many reviews on the richter but I can with the Dared.
  7. Noob to the stereo world and hopeful to learn.
  8. That's good to hear! That maybe where I'll be heading when I have some room in the house . what are you using to drive the JBLs?
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