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  1. Calling DIYers/Techs interested in modding (or selling modded) early CD Players featuring TDA1540 dac chip Hi all, I've been interested in exploring the TDA1540 dac chip (the TDA1540d seems to get more praise than TDA1540p but I'm open to that too depending on feedback). Also the CDm 1 MK2 transport that is in some early Philips, Marantz and other early CD Players gets lots of praise. I'm not a DIYer myself, as I have no electronics skills, so I'm reaching out to DIYers (or professional techs) who are skilled in electronics and CD Player Mods. My current hobby is triallin
  2. Item: Woodside SC26 or SC27 preamplifier Price Range: $800-$1,250 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for a Woodside SC26 or SC27 preamplifier. Woodside are the continuation of the Radford brand after Arthur Radford retired and John Widgery, who was instrumental in the design of many aspects of Radford's amplifiers, continued on, initially using the Radford moniker, then Radford/Woodside, then Woodside. The Woodside 26 (I believe the SC27 came later) is the rightful partner to my recently acquired Radford Revival MA50 Monoblock amplifiers. There was a line model and
  3. Hi all, For your interest, here are the docs that I received with the MA50s. FYI, they came in the original boxes from Woodside too, which are very complex and useful for keeping them safe in transit. The seller was selling his late father's items and was still finding docs here and there and said will pass on any more woodside docs if they turn up. If so, I'll post them here. I also have a Woodside WS2 CD player. I have the user manual that I received with that although I just noticed it is for the WS1, though from what I can find out there is very little differnece between the two asid
  4. Yes, it seems an exciting prospect to start collecting XF2s as they come up 🙂
  5. 098502 From the stereophile review. This seems to name specific tube brands including Chinese Dragons.. It seems to be saying the MA50s were shipped with these? The MA50's front end is said to be stable. It uses an ECC811 direct-coupled input stage with an active-load twin-triode 12AX7, followed by a second tube, a 12AU7, used as a cathode follower to avoid Miller effect. (These tubes are Golden Dragons, produced by the Shuguang tube factory in China.) The first stage in the amplifier is coupled to a phase splitter with a polypropylene capacitor. The output
  6. Thanks Andy, I'm only just getting my head around this stuff. They sound incredible as is: if I can get even more from them, I'm way up for it!! I just need to find out what will drive them to give their best. I'm not into harsh mids, that's the main thing. It has been later suggested that running these at 16ohm will get the best out of them...
  7. I think I'll keep my eyes peeled for some Tannoys for the STA15. I'll need the coffers to top up first after getting the MA50s, STA15 and SC22P... 😄
  8. All good. I can't see myself letting go of my Radford Studio Monitors, and I'm already so far gone on my TLS80 project, I won't abandon it now. I'm a die hard B139 man anyway. I guess over time, I'll find the best match for these speakers and I don't mind if that is solid state. I have a NAD Model 200, I haven't hooked it up for a while, maybe this could provide some of the desired power... I'm willing to source the best fit, speaker wise, for the STA15 and the MA50s. I've been recommended Tannoy HPD 15inch as an efficient match to the STA15. I may keep an eye out for a pair. Re a matchi
  9. Thanks, @Graywulf, Re: the SC22P, I've been working with the seller to figure out the issues with it, it had some tube issues, so he just re-tubed it a couple of days ago. Hopefully I'll get it soon. A re-cap sounds like a great idea too. If I go the re-cap on that and/or the STA15, don't worry, I won't scrimp 😄I want it to sound as great as it can. Thanks for your thoughts on tubes. So, if not 'holy grail' tubes, what would you recommend as more accessible tubes? I know Radford revival use JJs. Any thoughts? I didn't realise the STA 100 was from the 60's, I had figured it may be a s
  10. You’re definitely welcome to come to listen. I’ll hopefully have the STA15 soon. Very excited to set it all up properly.
  11. Man, you have been of HUGE assistance in all of this. I REALLY appreciate all of this. Thank you
  12. Yes, same diagram, that is fantastic thanks. I had the STA 15 set to 8ohms, I’ll try it on 16 when I get it back. I’ve collected all parts to build a set of IMF TLS80, do you think the mono blocks could drive those nicely? Thanks again
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