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  1. Success! House frame is metal and the wall plate plug was touching the metal frame. Hum is gone and sanity is back lol. Thanks guys
  2. So I've already swapped over cables from another speaker from amp to wall and from wall to speaker and still hums. But that gives me an idea, I might try swapping RL and RR speakers. If still there, I'll plug speaker directly in to amp and try each it on both rear channels, bypassing the in wall cables.
  3. Hey guys! I've just finished setting up my speakers in my home theatre and only one speaker (rear right) is making a hum sound which is driving me crazy. All the others are fine and hum-less. The hum stops when I disconnect the cables to that speaker from the receiver. It's a denon x2500h receiver and dali zensor speakers. Is it a receiver fault, speaker fault, or something in the cabling to that speaker? Cables are in wall.
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