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  1. Thanks Neil!! It's a brilliant bit of kit, particularly when running MQA (if you're into it) Lots of good stuff coming in 2021!!
  2. Further information: Another product that's been sitting in it's box waiting for comparison reviews so it's clean-out time. As you can see from the images, there are some signs of wear near the headphone socket and one small chip in the paint on the side, but the USB plug is still solid (like it was when new) and the device has been kept and cared for well since new. Comes with all original packaging and documents Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be
  3. Further information: I bought these for testing on the channel and although I'd love to keep them as a reference point for other reviews, I can't justify have them sitting in their boxes waiting for equivalent products to compare so they need to find a new home. These are very lightly used - only for the review and one or two comparisons (mostly the amp). All original boxes, manuals and accessories provided (see images) Happy to discuss splitting, but would prefer to keep them together as a stack. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any
  4. Further information: I bought this Mojo here in November. Having recently picked up a Poly/Mojo set, I now have two Mojos and don't need both so I'm selling this one because the other one is missing the optical hinge door and is already all setup with the Poly. I can confirm that the battery is in good order and holds charge well, unit sounds great and has no major signs of use. One of the headphone sockets is slightly touchy with certain plugs, but not a major issue for the most part. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to prici
  5. I've got an expired listing for a Stainless Steel version that's still available for anyone that misses out here. Please contact @Mike13 first - I don't want to steal his sale, but once it's sold, drop me a line about my SS version.
  6. Hi SSB, Once connected to the network, will the attached external USB drive be easily accessible to other machines on the network? I need to run a local copy of the files in addition to the server copies. I can setup synchronisation so long as the drive is shared as a network drive with my main PC. Also, other than storage size, USB there any notable difference between the silver and black ones your selling?
  7. Further information: Very reluctant sale that I have tossed and turned over for months because it's not getting a lot of use, but I just LOVE it's sound. In the end, the need to buy more gear for reviews has gotten the better of me so it's up for sale... Still one of the very best DAPs you can buy. The Stainless Steel version is an improvement over all the other versions of the AK240. More info here: https://www.astellnkern.com/eng/content/shop/features.asp?mcg=CG110000&mpos=0&scg=CG210240&spos=4&tcg=&tpos=0&gcode=SC10810 This unit does have
  8. Any chance you could share some more pics of the headphones themselves?
  9. Nope, not impressed 😉 They're an excellent driver, but poorly tuned (IMO). I can highly recommend the Tin HiFi T2 Plus as a fairly neutral, but enjoyable listen. I've got them here for review and I think they're excellent for the price (if you're after neutrality). The SIMGOT EN700 Pro are also very good, but have a little more bass than neutral. Going way back into the archives here... https://youtu.be/vthYtF_tSwg
  10. How committed to pure silver are you? I personally find a good copper litz to be as good or better. Aurealis makes great cables. I know he specialises in copper litz. Not sure about silver, but worth dropping him (Geoff) an email.
  11. Thanks @redrich2000 but I can't afford it right now with COVID restrictions ongoing in VIC. Need to tighten up a bit ☹️
  12. Great amp. I've got it here for review at the moment and it's brilliant, particularly at this price! GLWS
  13. If you've dabbled a bit you should be fine. I found the Mainline actually easier than the S.E.X. and the sound quality is nuts for the price!
  14. @markm1111 would you consider building the amp yourself? I.e. do you have basic soldering ability? The Bottlehead gear is insane value for money if you don't mind building yourself - plus you get to enjoy the pride and connection you get from making your own amp. The S.E.X. and Mainline would both suit the headphones you have - the Crack not so much due to high output impedance. It may be OK, but it's less predictable in terms of how your cans will react to the high output impedance and therefore how their signature might change.
  15. Nice setup! I just got a D90/A90 stack for review and it's pretty impressive! I'm still on the fence about MQA as a format, but I have to admit that the D90 sounds particularly great with Masters on Tidal.
  16. Interesting range of opinions here. I'm still all about the Nuraphone (if you can get past the in-ear piece). Otherwise I do enjoy the Sony WH-1000XM3
  17. I'm hearing such mixed opinions on these. Some people love them and others prefer the DT880s (if comparing beyer to beyer). I'll have to get my hands on a pair to see for myself I guess
  18. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here @ifcowscouldfly. I've nearly pulled the trigger on these a few times!
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