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  1. Check the chapter markings for a shortcut to the KW2 cameo 😉 Edit: only works on YouTube, not embedded vids
  2. Thanks Bill. Shame it won't fit in your desk. Are you sure you can't buy a new desk? 😉
  3. LOL. That's OK - I kept it in the video for its entertainment value so I hope people get a laugh As for the Gieseler content, I'm not really planning a fully fledged review, but may do a micro review in the future - we'll see. What I will definitely do is include specific references to it in any videos it's relevant to. For example, my upcoming JCAT PCIe card review includes a short cameo by the Kraftwerk II Dual. That review comes out either this weekend or next week.
  4. It's a great alternative to the TT2's sound for those cans that need a touch of sweetness. I'd be keeping it around if not for the Mainline and TU-8200R both having my own blood, sweat and tears invested in their builds and customisation I think I bought those cable management pads from Amazon. Here's a link to what I think is the pack I bought: https://amzn.to/34Hv1ka They're really handy!
  5. Further information: I bought the Aether R shortly before we started having lockdowns and I just can't justify keeping them around still. They're a great IEM that sounds very different (in a good way) from most of my other IEMs, but they spend their life sitting in their case inside my IEM box and that's no life for a high quality IEM! These are a 6 driver per side design with 2 BAs per band (bass, mid, treble) Here's the blurb on the Aether R: With powerful subwoofer-driven bass, crystal-clear high frequencies, and uncompromising comfort, the Aether R IEM fro
  6. Further information: This is one of those sad sales where I just can't justify keeping the product now that I've reviewed it. The Euterpe is a gorgeous looking and sounding amp (I don't recommend using the internal DAC so much) that gets even better with the NOS Tungsram tubes. My full review is here: https://youtu.be/XjX1NcwuIZc Yes, this is the amp that pumped a few hundred volts through my finger, but I've confirmed with Auris directly that it was just a discharge of a capacitor and therefore unable to cause any damage to the amp. I'm fai
  7. Further information: I received this cable as part of a purchase here on the forum. My understanding is that it is worth $1100 brand new. It's a beautiful cable that appears to be a combination of silver and copper wire. If you know Aurealis Audio, you'll know how beautifully made (and of high quality materials) his cables always are. The cable is in great condition with the only signs of use being on the 6.3mm connector shaft from being plugged/unplugged Updated with some info from Geoff at Aurealis about the wires that makeup the cable:
  8. Further information: I need to move on some gear to fund a special review opportunity that's come up. That, and my wife keeps counting my headphones every time she comes into my office ? Anyway, these were purchased secondhand, but have had only light use and are in great condition as you can see from the pics. The pads are absolutely brand new - not stock, but indiscernible from the original pads on the HE400i that I have here. They sound marginally better than the HE400i I think, but I'm keeping the 400i as the more 'pure' reference point for future reviews. Ther
  9. Would be nice to know how it compares with a DragonFly, Eagle or Sparrow as the incumbents at that level.
  10. Thanks @Grizaudio, but I'm not testing the LPS, it's a secondary item supporting the main products which are the cards
  11. Further information: I made another booboo (see my 5V LPS listing for my other whoopsie) and bought this Sonos Connect without realising that it can't work with the newer Sonos systems so this listing is for those running older Sonos setups - perhaps you need an extra Connect in your setup? Comes with power cable, network cable and basic RCA cable. I paid $170 secondhand so I've priced this a little lower again (incl. postage) to try and move it on fast and clear space. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoev
  12. Further information: So, I'm currently reviewing the JCAT USB & Network cards that use a 5V external power supply. I ordered this without thinking about the fact that I would need 2 X 5V for the 2 cards and then I was able to arrange a Kraftwerk II Dual from Clay over at Giesler (great LPSU by the way). So, long story short is that this arrived, but isn't needed. I'm contemplating a quick comparison against the Kraftwerk II, but will gladly keep it perfectly unused if anyone wants to know that it's truly brand new so I'll hold off a little before testing it.
  13. I'm currently using the Kraftwerk II Dual to drive a Matrix Element H USB card and a JCAT USB card (can't recall if it's the XE or Femto and I'm out of the office). I've also got the JCAT Network card that I'm yet to install. It will replace the Matrix card once I complete a comparison of the two USB cards and then the Kraftwerk will drive the two JCAT cards. The review of the cards is due out the week after next and will include discussion of the Kraftwerk II so stay tuned
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