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  1. Thank you. Have contacted directly. Appreciate your contacting the developer.
  2. Thanks for taking the time in telling this tale. I've used Moode Audio after trying a few others. And I like it. But thanks to you I've taken a peep at symphonic-mpd and I like the looks of it also. I've had a bit of a look on their website, auto-translate Japanese, but still I'm unable to find the download link to an image/iso. I've got the installation guide and I'm keen to give it a shot. Would you be so kind as to point me to a download link for the image/iso? I'll keep looking in the meantime.
  3. Each of my speakers, purchased or diy, from top firing to transmission line, my lovely children have fruxored to varying degrees.. But hey, they now have a great taste in music, if not wide ranging and they freely admit this is largely due to 'we always had music everywhere'. They have face-palmed multiple times when this comes up in conversation. Not least because now that they have their own kids, they 'get' it. Expensive? yep. If only they'd restricted themselves to speakers. Absolutely mauled a lovely Technics dbx casette deck [we still have the evidence...] and when, late last year I finally bought a Yamaha deck, we all sat around and listened to memories where screeching and much stereo microphone abuse featured heavily. but also audio snapshots that are pure gold and priceless.
  4. Ooh, must be synchronised tea drinking! Just sitting here listening to Cocteau Twins, customised NAD 3020 driving Tannoy Ardens [I know, I know, no tuby goodness here], watching the fire in the woodheater. Weatherman says 9c but feels like 7c. Roll on eclectic music!
  5. Welcome Beetos, good to have you here. Trust you're ok in these interesting times also.
  6. And she, and her amazing band, would be one of the select view to inject new life and a new perspective into any song. Just remembered 'voodoo chile' which demos. the point. What I really enjoy is anytime they turn up the funk. It's like there's some magic mix of french and african funk that just hits the spot.
  7. Sadly, no. When she's next in M'bourne I def. want to. Where did you see her?
  8. So, @Rrobot, no shame in using a pifi so don't worry about that. But, if you're like me, what's the next HAT you're thinking about? or even an external DAC? I'm trying for ye olde 'hifiberry dac+ pro' but if that doesn't work out, i'd very much consider a Topping E30, if I were more reassured about the build quality of SMSL sanskrit MK II, I wouldn't mind it either. Anyhow, what are *you* going to do?
  9. D = for [Dunkelbunt]. Love their eclectic style. Can't remember when I first contacted them, based in Austria I think, and, just for a lark, emailed them to invite them to Australia. Didn't think any more off it. And then, then, then one evening I get a txt from family member saying [Dunkelbunt] is about to perform in 'The Loft' in Warrnambool at 9pm. And the time is 8.50pm. Aaarrggh. I was alternately astounded, then spewing. Spewing that I was about to miss out on a live performance from this amazing outfit, astounded that they bothered to get to Australia and were about to perform sortof 'down the road'. I suppose they must have 'bundled' the trip with Womadelaide, or even the Pt. Fairy folkie. Have a listen to their stuff. Good fun and stylishly encompassing.
  10. thankyou @mrbuzzardstubble, can anyone remember the 'earthcore' series from Triple J? I think they were amongst my earliest introduction to world music.
  11. First entry [please be kind], not having read every page in this thread, but surely someone has mentioned Angelique Kidjo, absolutely love that 'Oremi' album.
  12. Evenin' all. E is for Earthsuit. [Kaleidoscope album]
  13. hi there Karapp. welcome. what got you started on your audiophile journey?
  14. My humble attempt at contributing to this interesting thread: Runner by Golden Features [that TV car ad for nissan got me looking for who this was]
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