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  1. Saw this on Ozbargain, $36 for the 2Pac - All Eyez On Me LP via Amazon US (need $49 for free shipping, suggestion is to find out of stock items on Amazon. Once your main item ships, just cancel the rest of the order if you have nothing you want): https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00005AQE7
  2. Hmm, already replied in other thread with this one: https://mezeaudio.com/products/99-series-2-5-balanced-cable Found an eBay seller who custom makes some but pretty pricey and he said he's temporarily not making any outside of US/Canada...but seems to load fine (probably gotta ask): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OCC-Silver-Plated-Cable-Hifiman-2-x-2-5mm-HE-350-HE400i-HE560-HE1000-Nighthawk/173389707344 The cheaper options on Amazon have all dried up.
  3. ^ They're dual 3.5mm mono jacks, not 2.5mm. Just unplug them and have a look, 2.5mm is noticeably smaller. These are on sale at the moment but a bit short: https://mezeaudio.com/products/99-series-2-5-balanced-cable
  4. Is it a 5-year warranty or 2? I thought I read somewhere that Focal extended their warranty to 5 years due to various defects that they couldn't account for from the initial shipments. I know the Utopia and Elears are definitely 5 years but I was wondering about the Clear and Clear Pros. EDIT: Did some more digging. It's 5 years across the line it seems. "All headphones from the Elear, Clear, Eligia, Stellia and Utopia groups are 5 year warranty qualified." "Focal has made it clear the warranty is a uniform 5 year warranty from the date of original purchase by the original purchaser regardless of what territory it was purchased as long as the reseller is an authorized reseller for Focal products. That said, the warranty is good only in the territory it was purchased from. So for example if you bought it in say China but you’re in Germany, it must be resolved by the Chinese reseller/distributor." Officially: "The warranty is transferable if you have the invoice of the very first owner These headphones are under warranty during 5 years from the very first buyer. The After-Sales Service is ensured by the local dealer or distributor in your country. If you buy your headphones in the US, it will be repaired by Focal Naim America Team. Our distributor network has been trained to change headphones drivers. Kind regards Marine, Community Manager Focal"
  5. Hmm, that's gonna have to depend on what we're talking about. Not a fan of their headphones compared to their in-ears. IER-Z1R and IER-M9 are quite competitive in their own right. The former is slightly more expensive than the Solaris atm while the latter is still $200 less than the Andros before any sales atm. If we still get 30-35% discounts in the future on them, still the better deal.
  6. If anything, Sony's recent price increases is actually pricing it properly. It was substantially under priced otherwise relative to the USD as we saw the Canadians being charged much higher prices than us even with their stronger dollar. I wonder if this will be the new norm or if it'll drop back down again.
  7. Or the distributor trying to clear excess. Sony does this with their 'box damaged' goods (I mean, all boxes can technically be damaged if it just picks up a scuff so they're not lying). I doubt you have dozens of Focal Clear Pros being bought at regular price and being returned without the seal being broken. Even moreso, the Utopia. Doubt anyone is just buying those and returning them with a restocking fee.
  8. Ya...I tried it on the Focal Clear Pro B-Stock and it brings it down to $1079 although it's supposed to exclude it. I wonder if the order would go through, sucks to lose out on $119 had I waited just a week. But the Utopia B-stock would be $2,700 which undercuts used pricing worldwide! EDIT: Think they saw this thread lol... The Xeo 4 is actually more expensive than 2 weeks ago. It was $1499 before with 10% off with the old deal which brought it to $1250. I deliberated between that and the X14a.
  9. Happens all the time. All the more reason as to why you shouldn't do 'automatic bids' ever as the seller can get 'friends' (or himself) to use separate accounts to bid it up.
  10. How much are the official pads running for in Australia? The official XLR cable is $259 (well, it was $233 last week).
  11. ""Whilst stocks last, identical sonically to the normal Focal Clear, includes two sets of ear pads and only two cables instead of 3 - a black and red version of the Focal Clear otherwise!....All accessories, only open box units they aren't used." - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/529063 Focal decided to give you an extra pair of pads instead of an XLR cable (I guess this might matter for some but quality pads that can match the original pads are harder to get compared to getting an XLR cable): "Clear comes with an extra balanced 4-pin XLR cable, whilst the Clear Pro is bundled with an extra set of earpads" (not sure why it's bold, just copy pasted from website)- https://www.sonarworks.com/blog/reviews/focal-clear-and-clear-professional-studio-headphone-review/
  12. I bought 'ex-demos'. The speakers were completely sealed with the original Dynaudio tape, only the Schiit Sys and RCA cables that came 'free' came in unsealed boxes. EDIT: Elear thread: "B stock indicates as new stock that has been resealed, comes with a full 2 year warranty." Source: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/479445 Clear thread: "All accessories, only open box units they aren't used. Full warranty." https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/529063
  13. I think A2A mentioned on OzBargain that B-stock tends to be 'open box' but comes with full warranty but it makes you wonder who opened these boxes in the first place considering the stock available. I can't see a large amount of people just 'trying' out a lot of these headphones and returning them considering A2A doesn't have a very generous return policy at all.
  14. I've been deliberating on the Clear Pros the last few days and the HD800s that go for $1500. Ended up just buying the Clear Pros just now. I've certainly done my part in stimulating the economy in the last few weeks with my purchases.
  15. Non-USB version is here (quite a bit left!): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Thor-E1-45S-Smart-Protect-4-Power-Surge-Protector-and-Filtration-Board/283718920434
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