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  1. Guessing these are gone then? let me know if still available, would take them.
  2. That is a good deal. If only I had seen it before I ordered the P2, BUT.... My initial budget was absolute entry level, so $500 ish (I was actually looking at vintage ones cheaper than that - I just wanted something to play my records on) then I had a look around and figured I could stretch it a bit for better quality, then a bit more. I had a credit with a store (another story) for a little under $800 and I could get the P2 from them for under $800 which seemed ok. I hadn't seem this P3 deal until today in this thread (maybe yesterday) but the other is already shipping and I guess ultimately it's still another couple of hundred bucks more and I had to draw the line somewhere The upward creep! You are right though, great deal... maybe I should have
  3. Me too, just joined and on the Sunshine Coast also
  4. I actually have the Bose 700 but don't yet have the sub for it. It's very good at what it does. The sub will make it great though. I see everyone piling on saying you should get a real amp / speaker setup - I'm sure you have your reasons. I have both)
  5. I’m actually on the Sunshine Coast so not far away. Interested for sure, possible to send me a few pics? And price
  6. Well I've had records since the late 80's but bought most the one I have in the 90's. Probably only have 80 - 100 records but I want to listen to them (and buy more) so I'm not really just getting into it. I have been working mostly overseas for the last 10 years or so and got rid of my last TT back then. Looks like I'll be home indefinitely with this Covid business so have now just upgraded my system and need a new TT. This afternoon I actually pulled the pin in Rega 2 it's on it's way. I am however still very keen on getting something vintage (like the Dual) so will be keeping my eyes out! Trying not to go too crazy though (like I have gone with guitars haha)
  7. Apologies, it was the Rega Planar 2 I was looking at in that price range. Made a typo in the initial post which I have now fixed! The 3 looks great but it is well above my budget if buying new Sorry for the confusion
  8. Thanks for the info and yes very good point, I should have mentioned my amp does have a phono input
  9. Yeah not a bad strategy at all. Not sure the two vintage ones I am looking at are a great price
  10. So I am looking to buy my first TT in a long time Initial plan was just go straight low entry level new or cheap vintage... of course the more I have been looking the higher and higher I am pushing the budget. I'd rather spend a little more for better quality than get something I will want to replace in the not to distant future Where I am at now: New options: Was initially looking at the Music Hall MMF 1.5, then was recommended the Project Debut Carbon, then I figured if I am pushing the budget up why not go for the Rega Planar 2 and that's about athe top of my budget Vintage options: For about the same money though I can get a Dual 701 or for a bit more a Thorens TD 166 MK II - both seem to be well respected. I really like the idea of the Dual or Thorens (I play guitar and like vintage stuff) but I don't plan on doing a lot of tinkering, just want play records and get good quality with minimal fuss Current setup is a Yamaha A-S701 amp and Wharfedale Diamond 230 floorstanding speakers. Any advice and opinions welcome!! What should I get? Anything else I should be looking at? Edit: I initially wrote Rega Planar 3 but it is the Rega Planar 2 I was looking at in that price range!
  11. Great shot! I'll play... storm a few years back looking south from Coolangatta. Multiple exposure over a couple of minutes Instagram : @a.b.see
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