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  1. For now I might just get an auto switching Toslink splitter- https://www.altronics.com.au/p/a3212-dynalink-4-way-toslink-spdif-switcher/ $85 then I can spend time trying to hunt down exactly what I need, normally I jump in and buy something that does 75% of what I want then buy something better not long after. The Heos app reviews don't seem all that promising.
  2. That is quite a large unit but it does say that the optical port is assignable which is nice. Marantz have a 2ch slimline one that is similar and I'd assume Denon would have one with a different front panel, the Marantz is an NR-1200.
  3. Thanks warweary, that looks like a decent little option, wonder if it Uses aptX-HD for Bluetooth streaming? I'm not sure why but my HTC phone doesn't do apt-X HD, it instead uses an Apple codec.
  4. Very late reply but I ended up with some Scan-Speak Illuminators in 5" 4Ohm, they seem okay for the task but I wish I had have bought the 4" Purifi drivers. I am yet to set up a final EQ curve, need to have a practice with the Dayton Omnimic thingy as I am yet to use it.
  5. Howdy people, I have little to no knowledge on what I am looking for, there are so many names for products which all seem very similar. I basically want a receiver with no amplifier but it seems price goes up if you want such an item. I found the Dali Sound Hub and Sound Hub compact and they both looked perfect but had no optical output as they are designed to work with their speakers exclusively(I believe). I need- At least two optical inputs, one optical out, Bluetooth connectivity, a proper physical remote. Nice to have- Streaming over the home network, a HDMI input.
  6. I bought some of them, they are my first closed back headphones and I don't really like them, but it may be just because I don't know what a good headphone sounds like. My ancient HD580s may not have been super accurate but I found them very enjoyable to listen to, I regret throwing them out instead of replacing the drivers and soft parts. The Focals must be very old stock as the Free Dragonfly Red offer ended a long long time ago.
  7. Hi all, first post here so I hope this is in the correct spot. I am planning on building some compact ported bookshelf speakers in the 8-10L range, initially it was going to be a budget build but that seems to be changing as I do more reading. I have a Hifiberry Beocreate amp/DSP which will only give me about 40W continuous at 4 Ohms for the mids and 20W or so for the tweeters. Tweeters at the moment are looking like BlieSma T34A-4. Mids I was looking at the SEAS Prestige Titan L16RNX3 but their low efficiency and 8Ohm impedance would limit the output qui
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