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  1. Thanks for the reply Dave they are very competitively priced aren't they?! Sadly postage would be almost as much as the drivers themselves. I just spotted the Fostex FW 168 HS and they don't seem to model too poorly, sadly the local importer only has the superseded model. They do stock the FOSTEX FW168HR which would blow the budget out and increase the box volume to 14L, it still wouldn't play as low as the Seas Prestige in an 8L enclosure.
  2. To my very untrained ear they sound somewhat thin and at times quite harsh, some bass notes seem to be there but others seem to be somewhat subdued, they are a very odd sounding headphone. I just assumed it was because they are more a studio type headphone as other reviews seemed to be very positive. My in ear B&W Bluetooth headphones more enjoyable to listen for extended periods, they lack detail compared to the Elegia but that's to be expected. Oh, I almost forgot the braided cable, God it is horrible! If I were to have my time again I probably try the Beyer DT 1770 Pro, the Massdrop Senns in the FS section are tempting.
  3. I bought some of them, they are my first closed back headphones and I don't really like them, but it may be just because I don't know what a good headphone sounds like. My ancient HD580s may not have been super accurate but I found them very enjoyable to listen to, I regret throwing them out instead of replacing the drivers and soft parts. The Focals must be very old stock as the Free Dragonfly Red offer ended a long long time ago.
  4. Hi all, first post here so I hope this is in the correct spot. I am planning on building some compact ported bookshelf speakers in the 8-10L range, initially it was going to be a budget build but that seems to be changing as I do more reading. I have a Hifiberry Beocreate amp/DSP which will only give me about 40W continuous at 4 Ohms for the mids and 20W or so for the tweeters. Tweeters at the moment are looking like BlieSma T34A-4. Mids I was looking at the SEAS Prestige Titan L16RNX3 but their low efficiency and 8Ohm impedance would limit the output quite a bit. Would you good people have any suggestions on a mid that will have an f3 of 50Hz or better in a ported 8L enclosure and still sound somewhat decent? If possible, I'd like to buy something that is mostly made in house rather than just farming work out or assembling a bunch of far eastern products and labeling it made in XYZ. This will be one of my first speaker builds, my first failed miserably and my cheapish 12V BT speaker with Dayton drivers sounded somewhat decent. Thanks for any assistance.
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