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  1. I'm looking for a pair of speakers grilles for my CM5, I thought maybe someone might have some lying around as most don't use them. Unfortunately my kitten is obsessed with the vibrations from the speakers and I need to keep her off them
  2. How do you think this would pair with my rotel rb-1050 power amp b&w cm5s?
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone and thanks for the heads up about the Rotel RB1050, TDX. I end up buying it. I'm not looking for a pre amp for the set up. Any recommendations?
  4. Hi, In the process of setting up my first quality hifi system. I've just purchased a pair of Bowens & Wilkins CM5 speakers and i'm looking for an integrated amplifier that would pair well with them. I'll be using it for streaming music as well as my Technics 1200mk2. I'm looking to purchase something second and hand and don't want to spend much over $500. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Karl
  5. Also has anyone heard anything about these guys? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/calamvale/speakers/yamaha-ns-70t-speakers/1245252707
  6. Thanks for all the advice The room I'll be using them in is 3900 x 5200mm with floorboards. They'll be used for predominantly for music (vinyl & digital) and also for Netflix etc but that isn't that important to me. I'm pretty keen on the Dyaudio Emit M10s listed in the classifieds here, would they be a decent option or a little bit small? What kind of amp would be well paired with these? Cheers Karl
  7. Hi Buddy, very interested! is it still available?
  8. Hi everyone, New user here. I'm looking to get my first quality hifi set up. I need new speakers ( bookshelves would be sufficient I think) and an amplifier to pair with my Technics 1200mk2. I'm not sure whether to go down the used or new path. I'm looking to spend around $1500 all up. I currently have an old Jorgen amp and speakers from the 70s (complete rubbish). I've been looking at B&W 607s which look like a good new option within my budget. I've also seen a pair of Duntech Esquire D100 used for $900, can anyone tell me a little bit more about these
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