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  1. Will take this if available please. Is this the same DAC that was sold a few weeks ago?
  2. New from Clef Hi-fi, $520. I have seen them pop up second hand occasionally. The original plan was to go with a Nad 3020, but didn't feel that was enough power to get the most out of the Krix.
  3. I believe they are the originals, I won't be able to confirm until I am back home in a week. It is a good combo IMO, plus the bonus of being able to tweak the sound to your preference, however I am a novice in these things, as you can tell by this thread.
  4. To update, After a little more research, I have found there are multiple options for this amp once you download the Music cast app. In the app there is the function to turn down highs, mids, and lows. So after applying a small 2 db reduction to the highs this amp is really starting to sing, much more power on tap and the detail is fantastic imo.. Plus with all the options and features, it is truly a remarkable product for the price The PC audio is sorted for now. except for some small stands for the Equinox.. Time to look at the main system, hmmn turntable or upgra
  5. Yes, I have run a small treble reduction EQ, which makes it much more pleasing but the purist in me wants the King Rex back lol.... I am currently switching back and forth. The Yamaha has so much more detail and high end treble, maybe I am just not used to it? The vocals on the King Rex are just much more pleasant. It is possible that the Yamaha is just not a good match for the Krix, which in turn is good to know moving forward into upgrading my main system. I now know i prefer a (warm sound?)
  6. So, to update the thread I ended up going with a Yamaha WXA. Well i might not be able to live with it, it may seem Too my untrained ears the music (songs i listen to regularly) now seem too bright and fatiguing. Although the King Rex didn't have enough juice for loud volumes. The King Rex was just sooo more laid back, drew me into the music, the Yamaha kinda slaps you in the face.. Anyway I will give it a few more weeks and see It does make me nervous when the time comes to upgrade my old HK970/ Mavrick Dac combo.. Just goes to show that
  7. Yeah, if you change your mind on post, happy to take this?
  8. Bit of a thread dig, but just wanted to add that I recently purchased some 4s8 cable and other bits of Cliff electronics for some DIY cable. Gary just emailed advising he had upgraded the sleeving (i guess i ordered the wrong size:) and chucked in some heatshrink. So big thumbs up from me. Thanks guys, for the recommendation..
  9. Hi all, So I have been running the below for as long as i can remember in my study, and have been happy so far. However, I have now moved into a bigger room and have access to a pair of Krix Equinox, So have retired the Cambridge S30s.. Now the problem arises, that King Rex can sometimes struggle with the occasional times I like to listen away from the PC at louder volume levels.. Cambridge S30 KingRex T AMP/PSU Asus STX/PC My question is which of the following would you suggest to replace the King Rex with? and what would be a good so
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