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  1. Yeah, if you change your mind on post, happy to take this😃
  2. Bit of a thread dig, but just wanted to add that I recently purchased some 4s8 cable and other bits of Cliff electronics for some DIY cable. Gary just emailed advising he had upgraded the sleeving (i guess i ordered the wrong size:) and chucked in some heatshrink. So big thumbs up from me. Thanks guys, for the recommendation..
  3. Hi all, So I have been running the below for as long as i can remember in my study, and have been happy so far. However, I have now moved into a bigger room and have access to a pair of Krix Equinox, So have retired the Cambridge S30s.. Now the problem arises, that King Rex can sometimes struggle with the occasional times I like to listen away from the PC at louder volume levels.. Cambridge S30 KingRex T AMP/PSU Asus STX/PC My question is which of the following would you suggest to replace the King Rex with? and what would be a good sonic fit for the Krix (I will miss the King Rex NAD 3020 Denon PMA 30 Yamaha WXA- 50 As you can see I am looking for a small desktop style amplifier. The Yamaha is the current pick due to price and features, it also gets good reviews over on ASR.. Thanks for your time Dan
  4. Will take this if your happy to post Regards Dan
  5. Hi all, Daniel here, I am more of a reader than a poster, but am looking to scour the the forum (and classified) for a little while, to potentially upgrade my current Hi-Fi setup. Definitely love reading about the amazing setups some of the members have here. This forum feels like the perfect place to research the best upgrade paths for audio gear without wasting too much time and money on junk.. I will post a thread with more details, once I have a clearer idea on the Hi-Fi journey i want to embark on.. Thanks all...
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