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  1. Hi Tasso, Thanks for your help. Turns out that it is just that one input that wont play muti channel. I should have known to check for that. Everything is now working perfect. Really appreciate it 👍
  2. G'Day StereoNet, Im only new here so hopefully iv posted this in the right section and that it hasn't been covered before. So i have 3.1.2 setup and recently changed from T.V to a projector. While changing audio/video to optimal performance through Foxtel settings i noticed that No audio would come through when changed from MPEG to AC3. While set to MPEG it is only coming through left and right. I don't actully know if it was working while i had the TV setup because i only have sports channels & due to Covid-19 was given movies free. I have also noticed i cant record UHD movie channel. it says my cables are not good enough. However they are AudioQuest Pearl. I Spoke with Foxtel and worked through all of their suggestions with no luck. I also tried running Digital/Optical cable from Foxtel to Denon but not sure which settings i needed. HDMI for Vid and Optical for Audio? Is this a passthrough issue with my Denon AVR 1200w(2016 Model). Apple TV and Blu-ray seem to be fine. Is my receiver restricting capabilities of my JVC N7? I wasn't sure what other info to include. Any help or suggestions appreciated.
  3. Hi Draka, I never noticed that before. Thanks your help.
  4. Is there a way to tell them apart? As far as I could tell N5 & N7 have exactly the same shell? Is there a way to check model number in settings?
  5. Is it possible that direct messages wouldn’t go through either? Until approved by a moderator?
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