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  1. Further information: Westone W80 Signature Series flagship In-ear earphones with original pacakging and accessories (Includes ALO Reference 8 Cable rrp$450 and stock cable, carry pouch, carry case and cloth). Will throw in a aftermarket DANU balanced silver/copper cable as well Selling As I don’t use these enough and not willing to take these with me on my daily work commute. Eartips remain unused as I only used my aftermarket eartips as shown. I drove these with an IFI xDSD and these sound amazing (can ask for a packaged deal if interested). Sublime balanced sound you ca
  2. Further information: KEF T301 speakers - have 6 pieces. Used for about 2 years in a 5.1.4 Atmos system. Comes with all (unused) mounting gear/stand. Note 2 speakers are center channel versions that can be used horizontally. Selling in pairs - Can offer a discount if purchasing multiple pairs
  3. Further information: Marantz SR7012 4K atmos receiver - used about 2 years. Comes with setup mic, remote, antenna etc. price negotiable - make me an offer! Selling due to Downsizing
  4. Haven’t had the pleasure - Will definitely check these outs. Would like to audition some integrateds actually - been using luxman Class A monoblocks and been curious about their other gear.
  5. Yep looking to sell the AVR and the surround/Atmos speakers 😔 though how did you go abouts the baby proofing? Sealed cabinets? I had put up kids fences around my gear (easy than making a playpen) but had to place it right up against the tower speakers which still invited prying little fingers!
  6. Not a like for like comparison but I once did have a pair of KEF LS50 - and powered them with a devialet d200 pro (Before Core Infinity) - in the end I still preferred full range speakers. The d200 pro was nice (and the missus liked the form factor) but seemed to polite for my taste. Had also paired it to B&W 804 D2 and liked the top end sparkle but overall didn’t seem natural for that speaker.
  7. Hi SNA folks! Hope everyone is keeping safe during these crazy times. New to SNA but been building my system for over two decades. In the middle of downsizing due to a move to apartment living and little ones running around. Had always run the HT Atmos rig together with the stereo setup via HT bypass mode - but HT has got to go now... Though having serious thoughts on simplifying the stereo setup too - maybe move away from separates?! Anyone made the same move?
  8. Thanks for this thread - had wondered how to post and reply ads!
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