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  1. Looks better without the cage anyway 😄 When I bought my MP-301 off Mike a few weeks ago, he packaged the extra tubes in a separate box, and it was only another $10 or so for the shipping.
  2. Ah man, how annoying for you 😞 GLWS, the important thing is they still work properly.
  3. My glorious miniwatt N3, shot earlier this evening. (Yes, I do wish it actually looked like this, would be awesome)
  4. Mmmm, yes. However, I think I'll play around with some less expensive test options first, see what my gold-plated tin ears prefer 🙂 Thanks for the tag, though! 😃
  5. And in the "Photos so bad you should immediately think it's a scam" thread...
  6. Great stuff, thanks again Mick. Very happy with this little beast.
  7. Also, be aware that some BT headphones are going to give a delay, which makes watching TV while using them a PITA.
  8. Nice to see the Soldano box in the background 🙂
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