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  1. Thank you, Steffan and Damian, You both make really good points and have made me realise that I am probably overthinking this. Steffan - It isn't about the volume, I really do like the sound of the 2 sets combined, fills the room with a real 'richness' if you will, but to be fair, I haven't listened to them any other way - So I will endeavor to do that very soon, as I do agree with what you are saying and yes, the 3-ways for 2ch music is also a great idea that will appease my sentimentality. Damian, I think I will follow your suggestion and look for the AVR that I want and try it out stand-alone for a while. I can always play around with the other options later. Really appreciate the advice, thanks guys. Cheers, Chris
  2. This is my first post, so sorry if it rambles on a bit, just trying to give a full and clear picture. I have been doing a lot of reading here and have picked up a lot of fantastic info....I do have a a few questions relating to an upgrade I am considering and I'm hoping some of you may be able to assist with setting me straight because the more I read the more confused I am getting. What I have - The system I have currently is a Pioneer VSX-919AH with 58" 4k display. Room size is 7m x 5m, with MLP in the centre of the 7m rear wall 4 front speakers - Dali AXS5000 and some large mid 70s vintage 3-ways which were my Fathers. I know some might say I prob shouldn't run the 4 fronts but it is a sentimental thing. A Klipsch Centre channel, Klipsch Quintet III surrounds (about to be upgraded to Klipsch C2 and S2's - already purchased along with some F2's at a great price, just waiting on delivery) and 2 Klipsch Sub-10's - one at either end of the couch, approx 6.5m apart with MLP central to that and an old Cerwin-Vega Sub LW-10X, central at the front of the room, beneath the display. As I'm using A+B, I have to forego the Surround backs and since I have no Pre-outs I can't use an external amp. I will add, that I am perfectly happy with the current setup but I would like to make it more expansive, for no other reason I guess, than because I can. What I would like to achieve - I would like to be able to continue using A+B but also include Surround Backs and some height channels, 2-4 or maybe expand to 6 at a later time (I have space to install in-wall or external Surround Back's and in-ceiling speakers). I have looked at posts on AVS Forum about 'Franken-Atmos' and 'Scatmos' setups which I find very interesting but also confusing as I do not have the technical electronics knowledge to know which receiver's will perform the certain functions I need. That being said, I am open to any suggestions. What I'm considering - but open to suggestions Pioneer SC-LX89 (13.2ch Pre-outs, 3xHDMI out) Denon AVR-4400H (11.2ch Pre-outs, 3xHDMI out) Both support Dolby Surround which appeals to me for non-Atmos content up-mixing. Some of my questions: 1 - If I upgrade to one of the above AVR's - can I use one of the HDMI outs - into the Pioneer VSX-919AH, to use as an external amp, running the 'B' or even 'A+B" speakers? 2 - or - If I use the Pre-outs, to an external Amp or the old AVR, does this disable the internal amplification to the corresponding speaker posts? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi all, Joined to browse the forums and to get advice about possibly upgrading my system or at least how to set it up correctly/better as well as to access the classifieds. I know pretty much nothing about Audio/Hi-Fi so any advice is greatly appreciated. My current system is quite old but I am reasonably happy with it (for HT) and the use ratio is about 75% HT and 25% Music. Setup is configured as 5.3 for now but thinking of changing it up to 7.3 but not really sure if there is any benefit....hence joining the forum. Looking forward to absorbing lots of great info My system is - 58" 4k Screen Pioneer VSX-919AH receiver, Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-Ray player, 4 x Klipsch Quintet III satellites and matching centre, 2 Klipsch Sub-10's - at rear, left and right of seating position. A Cerwin Vega LW-10x - at front centre. I also have 2 x 1970's 3-way floor standers (sentimental as they were my Fathers) but they sound pretty good to me. They have a Silver badge on the Grills that says "WF" inside a Pentagon, 12" Bass drivers, 6" Mids and 4' Tweeter. There are 2 adjustment dials, marked Mid and High and the name "NAMCO" on the plate. These are set-up on "B" speaker channel and I currently run bot A+B together, as I felt the quintets were not enough on there own(as front L/R) My listening/watching area is 4.6m x 8.3m but is non-dedicated and part of the room is used as an office. Screen and front speakers set up along the long wall, seating position is approx. 3.8m from the screen and front speakers. Have been thinking about changing the large 3-ways to front L/R and using the quintets at the extra surround backs or sides but open to any ideas. Sorry for the long post - Please move to appropriate forum as necessary.
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