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  1. Nope, I am not a believer in LPS as being required, switching power supplies are designed and have filters specifically designed to reduce noise and cross talk. My $50,000 Mellanox switches etc all use switching power supplies just fine. In an application such as small electronics the noise a switching power supply makes won’t be tangible anyway. It’s just the nature of the beast.
  2. StoreDJ deal with Oyaide all the time, I believe you could get them to order it in for you.
  3. You are 100% correct mate, without those pin being shielded it cannot pass Australia standards and is not legal for use or sale in Australia.
  4. Yeah those cables aren’t legal in Australia, there is no shielding on the plug.
  5. The RP4 no longer has a shared USB/Ethernet bus, so that issue has been fixed.
  6. Yep commit to Roon, you won’t look back. You are also a perfect candidate for a Raspberry Pi 4 with Ropieee XL connected to your external DAC to be your streamer.
  7. I would take anything purr1n says with a grain of salt. I own the RME and the Modius, the Modius is a great DAC for the money and performs very very well, but it’s not as good as the RME, the ADI2 FS (v2) is an amazing DAC and yes that is primarily where it gets its value, the other features just make it even better. If you want a straight up DAC that’s balanced at a great price, yep Modius is the way to go. It’s not without it’s faults and can have the normal Schiit QA issues but at it’s price point certainly hard to pass up. It’s not an RME ADI2 FS or Topping D90 killer however.
  8. @jomjom The 3 weeks thing is a load of rot to be honest, like this 300+ hour crap for speaker burn in. Even the designers say its a myth, Andrew Jones etc actually have written papers on why burn in is not really a thing. Schiit actually even removed all mention of “warm up” from all the owners manuals, and even then they used to say it only took a few ours for them to reach thermal equilibrium, not days or weeks. Mike Moffat himself actually stated “It needs around 2 hours, it is not the DSP which needs to thermally stabilize. It is the DAC chip which needs to settle into its INL spec” However with that said, yes all my gear is on 24/7, USB in, XLR out to preamp to speakers balanced all the way. The RME blew it out of the park, not even remotely was it in the same league as the RME. I lived with it for almost a year before moving it on, I also note the person I sold it to has also moved it on. Like I said I can only talk about the v1 and found it over rated and glad to be shot of it. That is why I am so impressed with the Modius.
  9. No you don’t, MQA is a software compression solution. It requires ZERO hardware, once the app does the first unfold all music related information is present. It’s in the spec and on the MQA UK website. Mytek etc didn’t add anything to their hardware etc to enable MQA, they added a new firmware ie software.
  10. Come on let’s be honest, Roon ROCK takes 10 minutes tops to install on a NUC. It’s optimised, and plug and play, there is Zero to configure. You’d spend more time connecting your component cables. Let’s not over state things hey.
  11. the Intel Frost Canyon model Nucs are passive off the shelf, look up the NUC10i5FNK. It’s passive and works great for Roon ROCK I am using one now. Keep in mind the Nucleus uses the exact same Intel hardware as found in Nucs and uses the exact same Linux audio sub system found in Roon ROCK. There is no difference at all in SQ, and that is way Roon make no claims about it. They both use the exact same Roon transport. If someone in a blind test can pick a Nucleus over a NUC with Roon ROCK 8 out of 10 times I’d eat my hat.
  12. Terry I have really enjoyed this thread and love seeing people get such joy from their systems, I only have a very modest setup, maybe one day if I ever build a new place I can have a dedicated listening room as I think that is the only way my wife would agree to be having a large setup again. For now I will admire your system from afar while enjoying the hell out of my little system. If it puts a smile on our dials we are all winning right?
  13. The node 2i will do nothing for SQ imo, it has a very ordinary DAC in it which is easily it’s bottleneck. You would do much much better with a Raspberry Pi 4 doing the streaming using an external USB DAC like the Schiit Modius and you’re wallet will be much healthier for it. You certainly want to get away from Bluetooth as your source if you can.
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