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  1. Further information: Had this powering a 7.1 system. Worked flawlessly, sounded great, just did not pass HDR and decode atmos other wise I would not be selling. Have remote, audyssey mic and manual on disc. Would prefer a local sale as I no longer have the box but may consider sending interstate as long as the buyer pays shipping. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Would love to take these off your hands but I am in the wrong state 🤨 listened to these many years ago at VAF and was blown away. Could not afford them at the time.
  3. Thanks mate, Yeah the amp was supposed to be the last thing on the list but one came up locally for a good price and I just had to have it haha. I loved my plasma but I honestly think the Qled has it beat.
  4. Hello all. Long time home theater and audio fan. Decided after a long while to upgrade my system. Replaced my 8yo plasma with a Samsung 4k Qled. That has been quickly followed by a 5 channel Marantz amp bought from a member here. Using the preouts from a 6008. Now I am having thoughts of duel subs and a new AVR. I am hooked again.
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