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  1. Nice, I looked at the Elekit tube amp but for around $1600 I can't bring myself to buy it. Might go the larger ST-120 kit above which is a little bit more once you add all the extras and shipping.
  2. How much was shipping to Aus? The AUD is pretty low so thinking I should wait.
  3. Anyone ordered, building a tube amp kit while stuck in isolation? What did you order and from where? I'm getting bored out of my brain....
  4. I'm interested, do you have better pics? Can't find a photo on the internet, would be interested to see if the shelves are isolated with spikes between shelves and what condition the shelves are in.
  5. Had my eye on a McChanson tube amp for a while but without listening just cannot bring myself to pull the trigger. There's two other custom tube amp builders in Melbourne, one in Mulgrave and another in Mornington, just with there was somewhere you could take in your speakers and test them all out at once.
  6. Will you be using the speakers for TV/Movie duties as well, or just audio listening? I ordered a Topping D50s two weeks ago and stuck in backorder. Was AU$300 so I can wait. Was going to use it in this configuration: Source: Chromecast Audio acting as Roon endpoint, or as Chromecast audio endpoint. Use the optical out so you can output direct digital signal DAC/Preamp: Topping D50s Amp: Sansui AU555s Speakers: your choice, but using vintage MA5 I'm hoping the combination of app control via Roon makes my phone into a remote including volume control, else i'll use the remote on D50s to control the volume. Set the volume on the amp to 50% and leave it there. Alternatively you can opt for a NC400 or similar amp which take the volume from the D50s. The only disadvantage to this setup I've found is if I want to link up another source I can't (e.g. like a turntable). Would need a better pre-amp with more inputs. So really depends on what you want.
  7. Nice, do you have a list of other cables available that you make? Speaker cables as well?
  8. Also got the PB2000.... absolute beast of a thing. These would be mine but yet to build my house (with home theater) Excellent quality subs
  9. Is there any warranty remaining on this? If so is the original receipt required and included (or other documentation).
  10. Yup, I did just that, ordered a D50s. Local sellers have it cheaper as the AUD just tanked against the USD. The speakers are away from the wall and not blocked by the drawers, it's just how the photo is taken (wide angle lens) These speakers are sealed as well so no rear reflection, but not able to get the full distance away from the wall I'd like, but it's enough to make it a very sweet sound...
  11. Dare I ask but what were you powering with these? I ask (dared) as was wondering if it's 'safe' to use on speakers with say a max rating of 150W at 8 ohm on my monitor audio silver bookshelves... Sorry for the newbie question, but tossing up between amps and it's hard to find specific answers....
  12. My AU-555a hooked to MA5 (monitor audio 5) in the bedroom. Initially used the headphone out on my phone but now Chromecast Audio. Yes, I want a different source, but my head is spinning from research (I often give up) and struggling to find something with a good DAC + Bluetooth + Streaming that costs under $500. Any suggestions? Something that will compliment this aesthetically would be good, but not essential as long as it's easy to use!
  13. My head is spinning even more reading this. Perhaps just stick to what you think sounds great to you. I'm looking at a Push/pull 70w/stereo tube amp, or a much smaller 10W stereo one.... but cannot audition them, and then there's the problem of findings a suitable soure/preamp with all the connections I want..........
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