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  1. Picked up the two channel S300 version today. Very impressed at the sound! Wife also mentioned she could hear details never heard before and 'it sounds like someone is playing the piano over there'... can't get a better recommendation than that.
  2. Sorry to go off topic, but do you run Tekton speakers? Always wanted to get a pair, just seems impossible to find anyone with them and at the moment to get any into the country!
  3. Hmmm, no reply from seller. Is it sold? Hope I didn't miss out 🙃
  4. Picked up a pair 2 weeks ago and very impressed. For a desktop setup these are compact, front firing bass port and make Working From Home very pleasurable.
  5. To be honest I struggle to see why a DAC costing a few k would be 'that much better' than one that's a few $100. Would love to be able to demo a few in person. Then could decide for myself. That said, dedicated DAC (Topping D50s) is MUCH better than my on-board PC DAC, and better than Chromecast audio in-built DAC. Next purchase will probably be SMSL SU8 V2 which is around $350AUD. Anyone know of a place in Melbourne where you can go listen to a range of DACs (perhaps even bring your own speakers) before purchasing?
  6. Work very well on a computer desk with vintage amp and DAC. Is this in Canberra/Sydney or VIC?
  7. Great speaker, have the bookshelf version and can't fault them. This would be a dream upgrade but out of budget. GLWS.
  8. The 2 x 2 option looks great. Would allow for a HT and Tube amp, with two sets of speakers which is ideal. Anyone have an AUS based product that doesn't break the bank, but good quality as well?
  9. Nice, I looked at the Elekit tube amp but for around $1600 I can't bring myself to buy it. Might go the larger ST-120 kit above which is a little bit more once you add all the extras and shipping.
  10. How much was shipping to Aus? The AUD is pretty low so thinking I should wait.
  11. Anyone ordered, building a tube amp kit while stuck in isolation? What did you order and from where? I'm getting bored out of my brain....
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