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  1. Just thought I would add my experiences from our renovation about 5 yrs ago now (and advice received from an electrical engineer who was into & sold Hi-Fi equipment). The advice from the electrical engineer:- Have separate dedicated circuit/s for the Hi-Fi equipment Use 6mm wire Run separate wiring for each power point installed back to the circuit board If using separate GPO's for mono amps, then the wiring to be the same length. He also had his circuit board upgraded and mentioned some items just got lost on me (it was costly though and he did
  2. Hi MF, they are the latest version. Has rollers and spikes. Just feel this type Isolation device will assist.
  3. I have the 803D's. The dealer where I bought them sells the IsoAcoustics as well. I understand that the rollers are removed, a special plate attached, then the new isolation feet attached to the new plate. Have them on my lists of potential upgrades.Either these or Stillpoints
  4. Hi all, looking to get to the next level in my HiFi journey and what better way than to engage the experience/s out in the field. While I do have some challenges I am confident that with engagement via Stereonet with like minded enthusiasts, I will get there over time.
  5. I owned a pair of these as part of an all British set up. Divine sound and as I understand it, an Icon.
  6. Hi , I am in Qld and have the 803 D3 in black. 2 months old. Still have packaging if you are interested and prepared to pay for shipping.
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