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  1. Very nice turntable, have the same one. GLWtS
  2. Hi there. How long have you had this unit? Is there any issues with it and also dose it still have warranty? thank you.
  3. Thank you for your quick response. what I was meaning to say was I have a phono stage, the nova 2. could that connect to the amp? Or dose it need to be the same brand? sorry for the miss understanding.
  4. Also have Sansui alpha 607XR integrated amplifier.
  5. Mostly listen to jazz, blues, instrumental, my amp is the Accuphase E-550.
  6. Thanks again. it sounds like they have a few weakness about them. a bit worried about that. Might need to look at a different direction. unfortunately I also have quite a bit of music that is complex.☹️
  7. I think most of my music will be perfect for Tannoy speakers. in what way do Tannoy’s have issues with complex pieces? just so I can get an understanding. thanks again for your feedback.
  8. Thanks MAST88 So I guess the eatons would be my best bet then? I Just don’t have the space to go any bigger unfortunately. This is my first try at Tannoy speakers after hearing so much positive feedback about them.
  9. Thanks for your feedback palexsia. I think the biggest size my wife will allow is the eaton size. I guess happy wife happy life lol.
  10. Wow your set up looks amazing. Music must sound amazing. Enjoy during these strange times and keep safe. Thank you for sharing.
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