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  1. what do you listen to on this Australia day
  2. wife loves Moody Blues but don’t think we have that one
  3. Normally when i turn the input selector dial i would get a click noise which i take it is when that input is connected to a source. The other day that stopped happening and i am NOT getting any sound from the tv/sat input when this is selected which is connected to my tv via a optical cable. The optical cable light up on the avr end when pulled out on avr and the tv is on or standby but when pulling out tv end out and avr end is still plugged in the tv end does not light up ,and no sound from my dvd which is connected to the dvd input via white and red RCAs then HDMI out of dvd to tv. and no s
  4. i live northside brisbane and was a bit upset and annoyed when Todd’s shut their Virginia store. just mean now have to drive to to Tingalpa store in the car i don’t drive very much during the week. bit further to go but that store like only a walk away from where my eldest does some of her martial arts training on the weekend
  5. thanks vey much. bit slow when it comes to computers
  6. keep forgetting when using ipad to have home button on the right.just check who can read while standing on their heads
  7. how do i tag a member in my post
  8. again new purchases and first Eric Clapton
  9. some new purchases the wife has done. First for us for both of them. My 9 year old daughter has wanted some Elton for awhile because she just loves “I’m still standing” not sure where she has heard it because i don’t play Elton previous to now.
  10. stereo supplies also had a store opposite strathpine shopping centre remember dad and i going there a couple of time as well as the city stores
  11. Yes I am in Brisbane and love listening to some jazz on dark rainy days so have had Miles Davis Kind of Blue and then Marvin Gaye on till the eldest daughter wanted to listen to The Greatest Showman OST
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