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  1. Thanks very much for your help. Returned it to the store and have got the demo model which worked well instead! Thanks
  2. With all sources including Bluetooth and tv, anything that uses the Rotel internal dac
  3. Thanks for your help on this - new to stereo.net. Have just started my fist system with Rotel 1592 amp + Dynaudio evoke 20 speakers. Question is - streaming from Tidal on my Mac via USB to Rotel internal DAC - The amp clicks every time i change song, even just sometimes randomly. It's a really annoying sound. Didn't happen during the demo. And doesn't happen when connected to a Windows PC. Has anyone else faced this and how did you solve it? Thanks very much Andy
  4. Thanks for your help, new to stereonet - have just started my first system with a Rotel 1592 integrated amp + Dynaudio Evoke Speakers. Hoping to stream from Tidal to the amps internal DAC. The amp has Bluetooth aptX connectivity, but i'd prefer to use wifi as i hear its better quality despite the claims of "CD quality bluetooth". So my question is - what is the best way to convert a system to wifi capable? - Chromecast (via optical out) - very cheap, but surely it caps the audioquality somehow? - Bluesound node 2i (via optical out) - great reviews, but seems overkill seeing as all i need is a wifi adaptor and wont be using the bluesound DAC - Any other good quality wifi receivers? All it seems i need is a reliable wifi receiver rather than a streaming DAC, but other than chromecast, doesn't seem much else around. Thanks for your help on this topic - I know similar threads elsewhere but cant seem to find any resolution
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