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  1. Hi, I'm the technician Markie took the PD-277 to, and I'm stumped. The motor's windings seem OK. I soldered up a couple of loose posts on the turntable motor control board, but no luck. The service manual isn't much use. It has a circuit diagram, but doesn't explain the functions of the motor control board components or give any test voltages. I'd say the fault's on this board, but I'd have to service it "blind" so to speak, and that would mean desoldering most of it, testing each part, and putting it back together again with no guarantee of success. I can tell someone's already had a crack at this, which is not encouraging. I think I might test the output transistors, at least. The two turntable motor drive windings read about 1.4kohms each, and the sensor winding is about 300ohms. Would that be about right?
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