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  1. Hi Warren, I scored this cartridge off ebay and then got lucky when there was a NOS stylus offered for auction on Buyee, the EPS-P205ED4. Sounds exquisite. I must say my introduction to MC carts was the 310. I'd never heard one before and then I partnered it up with my SUT and was amazed. I made the analogy to a friend, that a quality MM is like a razor sharp blade, whilst a MC is like that same blade sparkling in the sunlight. Cheers, Ian.
  2. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd join in on this SP10 Mk2 appreciation thread. I've attached pictures of my rig as well as some of the cartridges I've collected. Cheers, Ian Jackson.
  3. Hi Warren, Thank you for your reply. Where abouts in Australia are you? I see you're using an EPC-205 with your SP10. So am I. I bought one with a crook stylus and fitted a jico SAS/B replacement, and I must say that I'm impressed. Cheers, Ian Jackson.
  4. Hi, I thought I would share this parts list for the sp10mk2 recap and a copy of the service manual. Might be useful to someone. Cheers. Technics-SP-10-Mk2-P-Service-Manual.pdf sp10mk2partslist_1.pdf
  5. Hi, I've tried asking Richard to do both but I don't think he is interested. Ian. not sure if anyone here can do the PS recap. I will ask around my circle of contacts. The problem with recapping a MK2 is that there is a bunch of them in the main board inside the TT as well as in the external power supply. This means that it is not a small job Anyone in AU that could do this and then send it to me for the upgrade itself? Hence, I'm looking for either someone in AU or NZ for the recap. I've looked at getting Bill in the US to do both, but it's a pricey op
  6. Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble finding a tech to recap my Technics SP10 Mk2. It's been put in the too hard basket already by one and I thought I should put it out there for a recommendation. My plan is to have the turntable serviced and recapped then sent on to Richard Krebs in NZ for an upgrade to the motor unit. I live on the Gold Coast, so ideally local would be good, but I'm prepared to post to whomever if they come highly recommended. Thank you for any help you can offer. Ian Jackson.
  7. Hi, just thought I'd add my two cents. I've been buying quite a few abums from both the states and the UK, and three now have been warped beyond playable. Due to the ridiculously long wait I decided not to send one record back, instead borrowing a vinyl flat sans pouch. I put the oven on and used a temp probe to maintain the temp as best I could at between 55 and 60 degrees C. According to the instructions, I was to leave the vinyl flat with record in the oven for 45 mins (200g record). I put the oven timer on, and followed the instructions. The big mistake I made was to leave
  8. That's great to hear a good review. No, as far as I can tell via Google he doesn't make them anymore. I've tried his web address and it doesn't work. It'd be fantastic if someone on here knows Mike and could flick me his email. Cheers.
  9. Item: Mike New SL1200 MK2 platter bearing Price Range: market rate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi there, I'm looking to buy a Mike New platter bearing for my SL1200 MK2. I realise I just might be dreaming, but you never know, I could get lucky. If one just isn't available, has anyone got any feedback on the Funk Firm Spin Bearing. I can get ahold of one of these for £420 from MCRU. Cheers, any help is much appreciated. Ian J. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Hi all, I'm running my Special 40's with a Plinius Hautonga. Easily the best set up I've ever had. Simply more of everything. I was using a couple of bridged Rotel RB-03's (2 x 180W @ 8ohms), which I thought was killer till I hooked up the Plinius (2 x 200W @ 8ohms). At first I though it was brighter, but really it was just my brain adjusting to hearing more information. So I can't offer any support for a 40W tube amp with the Dyns, but I can certainly vouch for them when they're paired with the Plinius. I had a brief audition at Soundline Hifi in Christchurch of an Accuphase
  11. Cheers Brian, I haven't tried the phono stage yet in the amp, I'm running the Rega fono mini A2D. I'm looking forward to the A/B listening. How do you find those ProAcs, I had a listen a while back, pre COVID, to some Elacs FS409 with the ribbon tweeter, and I must say I was impressed. Take care.
  12. Hello, I'm no longer looking for an amp anymore. Just bought a Plinius Hautonga (AUD$3400). Sweet Jesus! I thought the system was good before this, but hell no. I used to read the various reviews of different amps and thought I knew what they were talking about, but experience truly teaches understanding. I paired up new Dynaudio Special Forties to my twin mono Rotel RB-03's and RC-03 preamp. I thought, well those speakers aren't much of a step up from the Dynaudio Audience 42's. But when the Plinius made itself at home in my rack, wow! To use a cliche, it was like l
  13. Hi Mark, I have these same units and I bought them in NZ about 12 years ago. They cost me then NZ$600. I've seen plenty for sale since on TradeMe for around that figure ever since. I ran them through my Dynaudio Recitals, sounded great. I've moved on since but still recommend them. All the best with your sale. Ian.
  14. Hi, my name is Ian Jackson and I'm a keen hi-fi hobbyist. I've spoilt myself recently by buying some Dynaudio Special 40's and I must say they are superb. They'd have to be the strongest part of my rig. I am though in the process of carrying out a common upgrade to my Technics SL1200Mk2 by changing out the tonearm for an SME309 (harder to get ahold of than at first thought). Advice is sought on either fitting a Dynavector 17dx or a Sumiko Blackbird (both giving a resonant frequency of 10.5Hz). I have just put in the wanted to buy classifieds a request to purchase either a Plinius SA
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