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  1. Yes, the're not an easy company to contact. I am going through a dealer service center now so hopefully I 'll see some action.
  2. Thanks, that seams to be exactly what I've got. Now I want to return it for the right one but I don't seem to be able to contact them.
  3. Hi Guys, I need some help. I received my Debut acrylic platter from Interdyn but I can't make it fit. I am thinking that it is the wrong one. It came with a spindle builtin. Can anyone tell me if I am right or not.
  4. I have already ordered it, I was just wondering what other thoughts were out there. Most reviews are positive.
  5. Thanks, Phono is nad 3225 and sounds good but always looking to tighten it up.
  6. Hey Guys, I have a Debut Carbon TT with 2M bronze cart. Can anyone give advice on the acrylic platter.
  7. Hi, Wow&Flutter. Yes that's good info thanks but everything is on hold for the time being. My nad sounds great at 65-75db so I'm thinking any louder than that and I'm getting to much reflection.
  8. I am finding the Kef's to be a little on the bright side as well. At 70 db fantastic but above that sound becomes muddy which I attribute to room acoustics and my old amp.
  9. Hi everyone, I have heard that Onkyo are out of stock everywhere and shipments are not expected until at least May maybe longer. I have heard good reviews for Iota vx but not available in Australia and $800 very neutral sound. It's looking more and more between marantz, nad and denon!
  10. You're right, I'm convinced I have to listen 😊
  11. That's a great idea, do you live in Melbourne? In Sydney there aren't many hifi stores and they don't carry broad ranges of amps.
  12. I love my music too. I try not to let the tinitis bother me. I'm thinking now also about the CA AXA35.
  13. Can anyone comment on the NAD 316 bee V2. ?
  14. That's interesting, and a great help. I was originally leaning toward the Marantz pm5005 util I read the reviews for the Onkyo a 9130. I was actually interested in the Onkyo a 9110 but the two are a very similar price. I don't really need a DAC it is purely for vinyl and cd. My speakers are KEF Q 300"s.
  15. I am not really in a position to audition amps so I guess I have to rely on specs and reviews and form all the reviews and info I can get the Onkyo seems a winner. But that's why I'm talking to you guys, I value your help. I'm 66yrs and my ears arn't what they use to be also mild tinitis so I'm looking for a nice clean sound. I also have a difficult lounge room in that it's L shaped.
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