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  1. It’s fabulous that so many reissues are being produced right now but there are definitely issues with some of them. Even the well known Jazz label can turn out disappointing product. The fact that a new record is sealed doesn’t always mean quality inside. Tight spindle holes aside, other issues are unseen detritus resulting in pops and noise. Cleaning before use doesn’t always fix this...
  2. Let’s keep in touch then... Pronouns she/her sent from my iPad any mistakes are ‘predictable’
  3. The Ortofon 2M series is really good. The Blue has a shibata stylus so I’d play it for a while - they need a lot of break in time! I have a 2M Silver which I track at 2.0g and it seems to suit my low mass tonearm. I’m thinking about dismantling a PD-277 with a dead motor. Might you want the lid?
  4. Interesting this topic. Dealing with the lower input of my phono - 2.2mV/50kOhms - I have just taken delivery of a neat little 2 channel preamp so I can use the one spare (CD) line input and switch between the the two sources. Thing is while it’s given my 5.5mV cart a lift I still have a marked volume level between vinyl and CDs. So a mixed reaction ☹️
  5. If you’re only having problems with the turntable it ain’t the room, it ain’t the speakers or the cartridge - it’s called mechanical noise and the only way to fix it is to isolate the tt. I had the same problem a while back and what’s in the photo sorted it. Just saying...
  6. Given that your problem is turntable related I would definitely invest in a set of proprietary isolation feet. No question. Your sideboard has good looking legs as far as unwanted transmissions are concerned so that’s a bonus. Obviously your amplifier has all tone controls set flat and the loudness is turned off, yes? I have an Ortofon 2M Silver and it too rides low - it’s a characteristic of these lovely carts.. Also I really wouldn’t have a concern about the dust cover, just make sure it’s open when in use...
  7. Fluance is a nice range of tables. The RT85 is the one to get if you like S tonearms.. It has an acrylic platter (read weighty, nice) and an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge as standard. There are many many YouTube reviews if you have any worries. They’ve dumped the built-in preamp (good) and it comes in shiny piano black or gloss walnut finish And hey, it’s no drama to rewire a plug.. It’s at the top my want list when the day comes...
  8. I’m tracking at 1.8 according to my digital gauge...
  9. I have recently fitted an Ortofon 2MM Silver and was quite shocked as to how low slung the stylus is. Plays nice though.. .
  10. I read this piece and though he may be right regarding the pure technical aspects he’s wrong in the listening experience. There are far too many variables in vinyl playback to make a definitive statement. As Andrew Robinson rightly says, “The only one who has to like your music is you...”
  11. Howdy all. Happy to be here. Love spinning that vinyl...
  12. Hi all, I have exactly the same issue. With the same model - PD277. Everything works as in auto tonearm function, cut function etc.but no motor... Apparently (according to its previous owner) the t/t was left on but unused. Because he told me he could see the strobe light illuminated I’m assuming the speed switch was not in the off position- thereby turning OFF the strobe light. Coild this be another start capacitor thing? After all it’s only 12v at this point is it not...
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