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  1. A good suggestion. Why not explore going MC? There’s a whole new world of audio magic right there...
  2. I went to visit these gentlemen in Black Rock with my brother who was working in the hifi industry in Melbourne at the time. They were certainly interestingly different. I’ve still got the parabolic stylus I bought from them that day...
  3. Ah, no not the visible pvc tube - that’s just for a neat appearance, rather I meant how are the left and right (green and bronze) cables separated from each other. I’ve since found out that EACH STRAND has a protective coat which is why care has to be taken if you’re going to make them shorter. So, to sum up I’m very happy to have learned of their origin after all these years of use (thank you Peter) I have used them as factory supplied they don’t have be used in parallel they only ‘blew up’ some naim amps and they sound fabulous and they’ll continue to be an import
  4. Hi all, I’ve had these speaker cables for about forty years. And they still sound good in my over time upgraded system. I’m intrigued by the way they’re braided without any shielding. I’ve recently added the banana plugs and shielding, prior to that the ends were bare wire with a short soldered extension for fitting to older style speaker connections. My question is; does anyone know who made them? They were originally gifted to me and obviously I don’t have the packaging any more...
  5. A postscript of sorts... Since this morning, I’ve added these Seiki Microsorbers instead of the sub feet and while the annoying/disappointing noise hasn’t gone away it’s reduced somewhat and is totally confined to the turntable and to a lesser extent the plinth. When i affix the ordered lid I’ll add some acoustic material to under the metal deck. Thanks agin for the conversation gentlemen...
  6. Thanks for all the constructive input. I’ll be trying this with some acoustic material I have. Annoying issues are exactly that - annoying, all I want is to listen to the music the best way I can... Sonab 67s specs FYI...
  7. No one is tapping anything while a record is playing except perhaps my feet...
  8. Righto, I just removed the four springs and sat the deck directly on the plinth. The plinth is isolated btw - it has rubber subwoofer feet and it sits on a heavy floor tile then on the rack shelf. So, all that did was transfer the sound to the rack and the shelf below... 🤔
  9. Hi Keith, maybe you’re right about that sign lol. The speaker in the pic is part of my 2.1 AV setup and is not connected to the two channel hifi at all. I have a pair of floorstanders for that...
  10. Hi vinyl lovers, I’ve just finished making a new plinth for my refurbished Sonab turntable. Replacement tonearm fitted, new belt and lube in the platter bearing. I’m currently running an Ortofon 2M Silver cart and headshell. The plinth is made from 90x45 Australian hardwood for its mass and weighs a healthy 5kg. The object was to minimise resonances. Think I’ve succeeded as it sounds great. One problem that existed on the original deck/plinth was a hollow noise through the loudspeakers when touching or tapping the suspended metal deck only when the stylus is in contact with a record but
  11. I have two Sheffield Lab albums from the 70s and they still sound pretty brilliant! Some Hi Fi stores loved playing them when doing demos...
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