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  1. I’m planning to sell mine will pm you
  2. Hi Tyler I got it from elsewhere i heard from Grimm that they are working on a dealership here yes I have compared them d and d for the size and money is a true game changer however, if you’re into classical music and jazz, I think Grimm still wins
  3. Further information: For sale, a HFC MC6 hemisphere (the older model bought in 2017), with Furutech NFC GTXD outlets US plugs. 90% new no box. Directly bought from USA. selling for $2800 MC 0.5 x 3 for sale as well. Bought at the same time. US plugs, no box Selling for $300 each, or $800 for 3 together. Selling as upgraded to Powerplant P20. Thanks!! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Thanks for that. The price is not bad, considering the tax. Will have a look into it if time allows~
  5. I owned the 1.7 before. Magnificent speakers. May I know where can we get Maggies in Australia? Thanks
  6. this looks great I would like to build mine too but I like the IKEA chopping boards for vibration control. Thinking of how to integrate them into a rack
  7. Roon is worth every penny. I use NUC with Euphony, an a QNAP453 NAS i like the outlook of it very much
  8. I use a dual Ethernet regen, with optic fiber in between lan cable wise, I use acoustic revive and a Taobao Chinese cat8 lan. I like my sound cheers
  9. Thanks for your comments I recently got the P20 and truly enjoying it. Mainly got it for gears protection. The voltage in my area in Sydney fluctuated wildly and burnt my DAC previously. I can see it ranges from 242V to 249V in the same day! P 20 saves my life and MY GEARS
  10. I use Sony WM1A with cans Sony MDR Z2, using 4.4 balance Previously owned multiple IEM, including 64audio Tia forte. Excellent ones, but too pricey, so sold them Satisfied with my Z2 at the moment cheers
  11. I own a pair of LS1 be in Sydney. They are great speakers and simple yet powerful!
  12. Hi all, I'm an audiophile new to the forum I use a set of Grimm Audio LS1 BE Nice to meet you all!
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