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  1. Item: 8 x 9kg iso acoustic pucks Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: can’t find these in stock anywhere does anyone know a shop that is holding stock or have 8 that they want to get rid of? Cheers guys.
  2. Hi guys I am pretty much set on purchasing the kef lsx and Kube tomorrow but have been reading about the new Sonos arc. Use will be the mostly Netflix with some streamed music. Price is similar if I go for the 5.1 Sonos system so just wondering what you experts think. any advice appreciated. cheers Tim
  3. Hi guys I’m not moving until mid April but after having a listen I’m going to grab the ls50w initially and add a sub if required. Thanks got the feedback lads
  4. Hi guys, New to the forum, been doing lots of reading, not an expert on AV. We are finally getting out of the rental market and moving into our own home. Have a Yamaha soundbar/sub (SR-401) but planning an upgrade. Looking to grab a pair of LSX to connect to the TV for 50/50 tv and music & planning to potentially grab a Kube 10 at the same time. Room is small 4000mm x 6000mm it opens onto a kitchen area which flows through to a dining area. Just after some advice on the plan, how much of an upgrade will it be over the soundbar and will the LSX/Kube be a good fit for the space. I have researched a lot but also keen on any alternatives or if the LS50-W is a better option. Any feedback appreciated. Cheers guys
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