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  1. Hi guys, i have an NAD T175 pre-amp that seems to be auto-muting the audio when the movie gives a silence. i can hear the relay clicking every time. that is really a problem as to come back in it takes a few seconds and cuts the start of the conversation. if listening to tv, on every commercial change it does the same clicking and muting between the scenes. is there anything that can be done to disable this feature ?
  2. Hi Guys, another newbie question. I've been after some speaker wire. i've seen people use cat5/cat6 and all that but i think i'd just stick to standard speaker wires. I'll be using the furthest speaker with about 17-18m because of how the speaker wire needs to be routed. All speakers are rated at 150W but the Front ones that are rated at 250W. the amp will be set under the TV and the only wires to be routed to the right will be the front right and the Surround right all other ones will have to be routed through the left passing from the TV through Subwoofer, front left, surround left, back left and back right (about 17m) unfortunately the house is rented and i cannot drill foor/wall/ceiling. I've read online that i would need 14 Gauge wiring for the speakers but didnt say anything about distance. was just power and ohms. Would it be ok to use 12Gauge instead of 14 gauge? would that have any implications ? or better to just stick with 14 gauge? would anyone have any suggestions on wire to buy that wouldnt be that expensive? what are the thoughts on ugly? https://www.selby.com.au/brands/ugly-cable/ugly-12-awg-speaker-cable-420-strands-ug12.html have anyone used knukonceptz ? http://www.knukonceptz.com/home-theater/speaker-wire/kord-speaker-wire/sp/kord-ultra-flex-12-gauge-speaker-wire-100/ I think i'll need in total about 70-75m of wiring so can get expensive fast. the idea is to use banana plugs for everything. i would probably use the same wire with RCA connector for the sub. current setup: Front: NHT C4 Centre: Gale 20 Back & Surround: Axis LS28 Subwoofer: Sound Dynamics THS-10 TV FL S C FR SL SR BL BR distance from amp: C(enter): 3-4m to be able to route through the tv unit S(ub): 4m FL: 5m FR: 6m SL: 10m SR: 12m BL: 14m BR: 18m
  3. Hi @hopefullguy, sorry to bother you with a silly question, but just so i dont have this problem again, how do i know if the speakers are inefficient? is that by the sensitivity ? my previous was 89db. was loud but not even close to the fidelity(clarity on shows) that this one gives me. and i thought that 86db was close enough to the 89 i had before. what would be a good one ? not that i will buy right now, but just to learn really.
  4. Would this preprocessor be suitable? any suggestions? this guy is close to home and has 7.2 rca out. that combined with LX7 should make a good setup with about 2k what are your thoughts ? maybe ? or for what i am wanting id better to go so me other path? not really diving into the 3d sound at the moment with the budget increase.
  5. hi @Janjuc, thanks for the support and suggestions. I'm unsure why nht are not that known here in AU. they are current models and was cheap cheap. so i moved a few of the speakers around to have these as front. hence the need for upgrading At the moment, i have a bit of a mess. yamaha driving rear 2 and sub with the stereo out connected to my technics SU-X901 amp which can drive the speakers a bit better. I think i'm gonna have to a bit more than double my budget then. so no extra speakers for 3D sound at this point. and maybe stick with a 5.1 until able to save some more $$ My I understand that the AVR does not have RCA out for all channels so it couldn't be used as a pre-amp. or am i wrong? they only have stereo out. Will start looking for some amps.. my guess is that LX-7 is better than the hotel 1075 as it is 200w X 7 and nor 120w X 7. forgot to ask as well... the NHT C4 says it is a 250W speaker, would it be good to have a 250W amp running them or something like the LX-7 (200w) would be ok ? sorry if those are too much of a newbie questions. just trying to learn more.
  6. I wonder if one of this would be up to the task atm then, when a rotel comes up get that to drive them and keep growing with a 11ch... start separating amp/receiver Marantz sr6010 https://www.marantz.com/en-gb/shop/avreceiver/sr6010?status=discontinue or denon x2400h https://www.denon.com/en-gb/shop/avreceiver/avrx2400h the marantz had the advntage of processing 9 channels instead of just 7. Looking at specs some of them just say 100w/ch other say 100w/ch (when 2ch driven). does that mean that when connecting more speakers the 200w will be splitted with all speakers? Nice setup by the way betty, a thing that one can only hope for is to get close to it
  7. Hi hopefull added to the original post. thanks
  8. Hi betty boop, I was hoping to upgrade the AVR so i could have 4k support. i've added my current setup in the original post. What would be roughly the price of a good 5/7 power amp ? arent they usually same price or more expensive than an average AVR? I've been suggested to use Marantz SR6009, but no idea on that one. I'm not wanting anything new, so i thought that 1k would be ok. How much would be one that would be worth it ? for a 7.1.2 it would be good, but only if on sale, close to the 5ch. i'd say. try finding another 2 speakers would take a while.
  9. Hi guys, I would really appreciate any guidance. I have front right/left speakers which are 6ohm 250w (nominal) central, rear left and rear right are 8ohm 150w (nominal) My amp is at the moment struggling to push all those speakers so i was wanting to upgrade. budget wise i think up to about 1k would be something for a 5 channel (just guessing here), if more how much more would be needed ? would there be one the would be HDCP 2.2-compliant ? if some that have atmos capability so i can buy some speakers and add in the future would be great. so would be 5.1.2 i'm guessing here? would a 7.1.2/7.2.4 be better ? havent seen a lot of bluray that comes with 7channel capability like that. the 7 i see usually are counting the atmos speakers. Thanks in advance for reading and for any suggestions that comes my way. Current Setup Receiver: Yamaha HTR-3066 Front: NHT C4 Centre: Gale 20 Rear: Axis LS28 Subwoofer: Sound Dynamics THS-10
  10. Item: AXIS Floor standing speakers. Price Range: ? Item Condition: Used Location: Melbourne/VIC or shipped Extra Info: Wanting Axis loudspeaker with box preferred but not necessary. Only know of LS-38 LS-88 but any 150W+ works. Please contact if have it around and not using.
  11. Hi guys, trying to find a new front tower speakers for my home theatre system and seem to have found a JBL "S 311 II". but cant seem to find any information about them. The only thing is that it seems to have is "250 - 400Watts" on the sticker. size is the 1200h X 200w X 410D Would anyone have any information about them? Would anyone know how they compare to the Axis LS-38/LS-88? Would it be better a Yamaha NS-F51 or a DALI or JAMO ? Will be using mainly for movies and some light music listening. Thanks
  12. Hello there, I've inherited a home theatre a while ago when my dad's mate have upgraded. It was composed of: 1 Denon Amp (cant recall which one it was, but want to say AVR-700?) 2 Axis LS-38 Front (Dual connector) want to say 150W 8Ohm 2 Axis LS-28 backs (Dual connector) 100W 8Ohm 1 Gale Centre 2 (Dual connector) 100W 8Ohm 1 12" Sound Dynamics Subwoofer (stereo rca and high connector) When moving from Brisbane down to Melbourne, the transport company have "lost" (you'll see why the quotes) a few boxes from the full moving truck. broken a few glasses, china and lost a few clothes and the front speakers with the amp. All speakers and the amp on the original boxes, with the manual, styrofoam and everything... I'm not saying it wasn't lost, but those boxes were pretty big, self explanatory and with big writing on them. The were very well looked after, with no marks on anywhere, so much so that the missus said "i'm not gonna help you box those ones because i know how you are with this system and they just look brand new". I was gonna save the Amp just as a collector's item because it had no HDMI, but it had surround through RCA, digital and optical. no fancy DTS or anything like that, so it was due to upgrade. I always been pretty happy with it for the movie room. The insurance company gave me $500 so replace them, because they said it was an "old" system. So now I ask: What are the suggestions for replacement for the Front speakers and for a amp ? Can be used, as i probably wouldn't be able to buy new. Cant seem to find any Axis LS-38 to replace them. When i search there are just too much that i don't understand to do it. Wouldn't mind better speakers but not worse. Now i'm Thinking on getting a 65" OLED TV, so i think HDMI would be a must for amp. what are the thoughts on 7.1/7.2? maybe a time for upgrade as well.... Currently living on North West Melbourne Vic.
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