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  1. Hey all, Thanks so much for the help. I've ordered the Technics and it's on the way Will let you know how it goes!
  2. Hey @EV Cali, thanks for the reply. The Technics I'm looking at is listed here https://lofimusic.com.au/collections/turntables/products/technics-sl-1200-mk3-black-professional-dj-turntable-single-serviced-240v. Any opinion? Thanks for all the advice so far, has been useful
  3. Very tempting, but about $400 out of my price range right now ☹️ if it's still for sale in a few weeks maybe. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. Sorry my bad. I'm currently running through a Kenwood DA9010 amp, a NAD PP2 pre amp, Thorens TD158 and a pair of Jamo Power 150 speakers. Primarily listen to vinyl, but also stream a bunch in my day job where I can have my headphones in. Currently looking to get a new turntable as mines had repeated faults 😊
  5. Hey all, a newbie from Brisbane here. Been collecting and listening a bit over a year and getting more into thinking about my hifi and how to upgrade. Thanks for having me!
  6. Hi guys, turntable question. I'm looking to get a new turntable. Basically looking for something solid that will last and give good sound. I have an option for a recently serviced Technics 1200mk3 (Shure M75MB Cartdrige) for about $850 (AUD). But would I be better off buying a new belt one for a similar price? My thought with the Technics is Direct Drive seems more durable and as far as I can tell they're known for lasting. My current Thorens TD158 has had a bunch of issues so have gotten weary of belt driven stuff but am happy to be convinced out of my prejudice. T
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