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  1. Thank you all I decided to go with a Marantz 6013 that i managed to find with a 20% discount. I mainly choosed this one for the Audyssey XT32. I think it should be decent enough with it's 680 watts especially since i only run 5 speakers.
  2. I see, thanks for the input. I don't know much about audio formats etc, i don't think it matters much, i just want something that's solid with good sound.
  3. All of them are from the old B&W 300 series speakers My budget is around 800$. I will mainly be using it for movies and some music. Yes, i would consider buying something 2nd hand, but my options are limited, it's difficult to find good deals around here unless you go and search overseas.
  4. Hello, Long story short, i've got my hands on two large front speakers, two smaller rear speakers and a center speaker, but i need an AV receiver to power them. Problem however is that i'm not sure what to look for in terms of AV receiver. I'm mainly looking for an AV receiver that can not just power the speakers i already got but that's also somewhat "futureproof" and will last for a decent amount of time. The front speakers are rated at 8 ohm 25 to 120W The rear speakers are rated at 8 ohm 25 to 100W The center speaker is rated at 8 ohm 25 to 100W (I currently don't have any subwoofer, i'm currently doing some research and looking at buying a new one later. What i'm looking at is a 5.1 setup) The ones i've checked out so far are Denon AVR-X2600H and Denon AVR-S650H, could perhaps any of these two do the trick?
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