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  1. McIntosh do not make original power cables, this is a custom made cable by ALA. Audio custom cables using generic branded McIntosh cable fitted with AU approved fittings, (fitting in image is an old photo) Cable is well constructed and has decent performance, we test and tag prior to sale, and have priced it accordingly. Many other cables that are listed e.g furutech are original, all cables are listed within a certain price bracket, a high performance tuned power cable will cost in excess of $500, although there is a large group of people who are looking for a cheaper shielded option hence why we have listed this cable. Happy to answer any questions via PM 😉
  2. I am currently directly comparing Bluesound node 2i optical (audioquest cinimon) and Coax to NAD M51 DAC vs Audiervana over network to a Panasonic UB420 Bluray with HDMI out to DAC. Without a doubt 'oddly' the network to Bluray is sounding better than Bluesound. 'Likely it's due to HDMI being a better transport option but for purposes of this post, it highlights the high quality of Audiervana over network'
  3. Keen to hear your opinions !
  4. Just thought id leave some pictures of the inside of my Primare SP31 AVR opened it to give it a clean.
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