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  1. @Tony M, nice work there... I do like some neat cable ties! Helpful to see the brush plate in situ from the photo.
  2. Item: Sonus Faber Piccolo Solo Centre Channel Speaker Location: Northcote, Melbourne, VIC Price: $300 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Simplified audio system, no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Finished in black leather, hand made in Italy. Owned from new since 2001 with sparing use. Pickup from Northcote, VIC Photos:
  3. I've been positively surprised by the Sonos Beam plus sub for spotify quality music plus pair of One's as rears for home cinema. Certainly not audiophile but decent soundscape to my novice ears. Not a cheap overall setup but no issue with volume control. The app is a bit clunky to operate. Chris
  4. Many thanks everyone for the suggestions. Its a single story with a pitched roof so pretty good ceiling access, but this still seems like the more difficult way. I'll get a sparky on the job since I'd like it neat and my efforts clearly won't be. Looks like the brush plates are the way to go and just sort out the best route for the cable to go sideways... time to get busy with the studfinder! I'm not sure if there is enough clearance behind the drawers each side to make it through the inside of the unit - ideally I want to re-use the existing transparent speaker cables. Chris
  5. Good point! I don't look inside the cupboard too often but I did start twitching when I took this pic!
  6. Hi, Hoping for some smart suggestions from the brains trust! Moved in to a newly renovated house that included a built in TV/AV cabinet with MDF shell and a marble top and sides (see pictures below). I would like to run the cables for the floor-standing speakers to the amp inside the centre cupboard (already has a GPO for power). Interested in anyone else who has faced the same issue and/or any smart suggestions (e.g. cutting a port through the plaster wall behind versus drilling a hole through the marble top). Apologies if this is in the incorrect subforum. Many thanks, Chris
  7. Hi Everyone, Stumbled on stereo.net.au while looking to find a good home for some Sonus Faber bookshelf and centre channel speakers. I've been a music lover and audio fan for some time but recently downsized my audio setup. Keen to ask some questions of the well informed about the best way for cabling through walls to get my floorstanding Sonus Faber speakers connected through to the amp inside a marble top built in tv/av cabinet. Chris
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