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  1. Yeah I think someone may have payed a fortune a long time ago to have these made... If no one is interested I'll pull components out and sell cheap 👌
  2. Further information: Custom Wharfedale speakers, I'm not sure when or where these were made but I'm assuming they are quite old based on the components and style. The 12inch driver in the single cab needs re-foaming, everything else is working great. These sound very good, especially playing jazz or classical. Include 15inch driver, 12inch driver, super 8, super 3 plus tweeter. wharfedale type hs cr3 2 crossover Dimensions: Small cab 510W x 560D x 940H Large cab 1190W x 560D x 940H I inherited these and as they are custom made I have no idea how to price them. I'm sure there is someone who has the space and would really enjoy them. They are very heavy so I don't think sending them out of VIC would be viable. I have a small truck so happy to arrange delivery not too far from Mount Evelyn VIC.
  3. Item: Mission 753 floor stand speakers Price Range: 600 - 700 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I had a chance to hear these speakers last year and really enjoyed them. I missed out on a pair at auction and would love to find a pair. Cheers
  4. Item: PrimaLuna Integrated Price Range: $1200 ish Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've never owned a valve amp before and very excited to start. If anyone has a PrimaLuna they would like to sell please get in touch. My budget is a bit limited but can try and push it out a bit. Many thanks
  5. Hi there, Very keen if first person doesn't take them. Cheers
  6. Very interested also if no one takes it before me 😁
  7. Thanks for the advice wen, I will try my best Cheers mate
  8. Very interested! Would love to come down and try these with my amp.
  9. Currently looking for a set of speakers to match an old Luxman l-80v. If anyone has any advice I would be most grateful
  10. Hi all, I am new to this forum and having a great time exploring. There's just no end to the hifi rabbit hole, I love it!
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