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  1. I've made a mistake, I'm meaning 0dB 80% volume
  2. Although I don't mind being able to adjust a bit with the nad remote too, even if digital.
  3. Yep it's on the main in input, not line in. I'll check out the fixed volume feature
  4. Standard rca in to Schiit, and rca from Schiit to Marantz with preamp bypass on Marantz activated.
  5. It distorts over 0dB but 0dB sounds good to me. I haven't used fixed volume. I turn it up the first thing I do. There's send to be significant chatter and even effort opinion (P McGowan,BHK and more), preferring active preamps over direct source in. And they don't know why it sounds better.
  6. Here's one to discuss. I've had a Schiit Saga in the chain for a few weeks now. NAD C658 (mainly TIdal) to Schiit Saga to Marantz PM7001 (input impedence 20KOhm) as power amp (eagerly awaiting a Passlabs upgrade) to Fyne audio f501.) I've been reading up on digital attenuation and vaguely understand the benefits and theoretical inaudibility of digital attenuation in the 24 or even 32 bit domain. Usually I listen at -25 to -35dB on the NAD setting. Since the Schiit, I've turned the NAD up to 100%, 0dB and use the analog stepped relay attenuation on the SAGA. It's almost night and day. As large as DIrac on or off. Soundstage and dynamic range improve, and even dare I say an improvement with more information (like less muffled?). Has anyone else experienced this with other preamps and care to comment. This improvement occurs in passive or tube mode in the Saga. P.S. tube also adds a very very subtle tube bloom which is very nice, adds a type of dimensionality. Using an RCA brown base, awaiting a harmonix to further tube roll. I imagine you could overdo the tube bloom so subtle is good, but this is my first tube experience.
  7. Which Passlabs amp are you heading for Raj? I've waiting on an XA25, can't wait!
  8. Hi Crank, how much would a single Sylvania be?
  9. Whipped I'm running the NAD into a Marantz PM7001 and Fyne Audio 501. I'm loving that instrument separation from Dirac. Always on the lookout for improving bearing in mind diminishing returns. I'm just wondering how much tubes would add. I've been thinking about a Schiit Freya+ ??
  10. For me Dirac Live results in more separation, space and definition of the instruments and singers, where you feel like you could almost walk around them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f5iV80jAe0 To all those with experience of tubes in their system and experience with Dirac Live: Is this similar to having tubes and the sought after "tube sound"? And would getting tubes improve this, or does Dirac make this partially redundant?
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