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  1. December 2020 which I assume means mine is the new baffle
  2. I bought a pair late last year and arrived before Christmas after 10 weeks. I got the stands and specified upgraded caps qnd additonal insulation. First thing is the stands are not great. Save your money there. Mine were delivered with missing floor screws and some of the alan key drill holes were missing steel liners. I complained and they sent out the missing bits. Have subsequently discovered that the drill holes in one set of stands are not sized to accept the liners. Sigh Anyway, the speakers. I absolutely move them. For comparison, I have a pair of Vienna Accou
  3. Picture shows size vs the Vienna Accoustics Baby Grand. They produce deeper faster bass. Seems impossible.
  4. You wouldn't know looking at it but it's 2way coaxial. I'm awed by what it produces and not run in yet. Developed with Norwegian company SEAS (Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems) the coaxial design combines an extremely high quality high frequency driver that mounts directly into the magnet assembly of an advanced mid low frequency drive unit. This means perfect alignment of all frequencies at all times from a single point in space. High, mid and low frequencies are produced in exact alignment - this is a key stone of VAF speaker design technology and the only way to be able to
  5. Second last stage of aussie hifi system has arrived. Vaf 25i. Now just supratek chardonnay to come pairing with the march audio purifi monoblocks.
  6. Had them for a couple of weeks now and reserving judgement. I might start a thread on them if there isn't already so as not to take this on off track. Vafs probably another few months from delivery.
  7. I love the orange. Thoroughly useless though when you think about it.
  8. No worries. I'm going to line up a listening sess with the kids. Festival of hifi. Purifi vs sansui au-99x vs peachtree nova 300 vs bladelius vs aegir. I'll report back. Come to think of it i think i have sn amp proliferation issue.
  9. I'm going for my support local business aussie hifi rig. I've got 2 March Audio purifi monoblocks on the way. These will be powering a pair of Vaf 25i standmounts in Jarrah with additonal damping and upgraded caps, which are on order. I'm also helping the Germans by connecting everything to my RME adi2 dac.
  10. I listen to mine nearfield with an Aegir. Sometimes I just close my eyes and I am there...
  11. Damn, I just bought one new. I'm using it as a DAC preamp and it blew my mind.
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