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  1. I also purchased in 1998 "DVL-909" combo DVD/LaserDisc player brand new at JB-Hifi for AUS $2000 but had to repair it back in March 12 2004 due to the DVD part not playing properly. The repair was very expensive AUS $765.81 + GST AUS $69.63. The bonus of the repair was I was now able to have the DVD section play DVD-/+R disc which felt great. Now with DVD/Blu-ray players costing under AUS $100 it feels even more expensive. Pioneer Electronics Austraila Pty Ltd was the company that actual repaired the player at the service office located at 178 Boundary Rd, Braside, Vic 3195 PH: (03) 9586 6380 I don't know if they are still there and repairing Laserdisc Players but I have an older 1990 model "CLD-3380" NTSC only both sides play Laserdisc player that no longer plays. It only spins the CD and won't turn sides anymore. If anyone knows if somewhere near Prahran can fix it for cheap; I would be very happy.
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