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  1. Sorry to dig this up again, same sub new amp; I just got a old Rotel ra-314 and was joking the speakers and sub up when I remembered the above comment about the amp needing a common ground for this to be safe to do. Can anyone tell me if the ra314 does? The speaker terminals have the negatives NOT next to each other, whereas on the Yamaha they were, unsure if that is an indicator though. I appreciate everyone’s help. james.
  2. Thanks mate. Yeah I’ve never used discogs but I just signed up and bought a album then. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Item: vinyl Price Range: 50ish Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I am on the hunt for any album by The Necks on vinyl. It seems hard to come by so if anyone has only laying around that they are done with I’d be keen to talk. Thanks. James.
  4. Thanks Pete. I’ve been looking for a wiring diagram of my amp (Yamaha rx396) but can’t seem to find one. I think I’ll roll the dice though. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the responses. The tip to track down the manual was a goodun as it has illustrations. This is the setup I was hoping for and trying to describe but I was probably not very articulate.
  6. Hi all. ive been doing some reading and I just want to make sure I have this right. I want to wire an active subwoofer into my stereo system running a 2ch integrated. from what I understand I am best wiring the sub to the speaker outputs of the amp, so am I just meant to wire them in where the mains are also wired in? So like kind of splice the speaker cable together? Alternatively I read I can piggyback the sub from the main speakers signal inputs but if I’m ok to do it the first way I’d prefer that. thanks all. james.
  7. Thanks all. Yes no Pre out on the amp (Yamaha Rx396). Glad to hear that the speakers will cope fine. I might just get a phone stage and see how it sounds as I feel long term I’ll likely find a integrated I’m happy with for simplicity sake.
  8. Hi all. I’ve been lurking for a few months and finally have reason to call on your collective wisdom. I have been using a Yamaha integrated for a few years and have no issues with the way it sounds per se, but I was digging around my father in law’s shed and discovered a denon place-t2 hiding in a corner. So now I’m looking for a preamp to run with it but was wondering if the power amp might be too powerful for my mk1 richter wizards?? Any thoughts? as for preamp I have been trawling the classifieds here daily as well as GT and eB. Looks like a older NAD or Rotel will be my best option given my very modest budget. If anyone has anything they think would suit that they want to get rid of feel free to get in touch. Ideally I’m after something with multiple input options including a phone stage as we primarily listen to vinyl but stream via a Bluetooth receiver when tearing for something we don’t have on hand. thanks in advance. I’m heaps keen to hear how this sounds so long as it’s not going to destroy my speakers.
  9. Hi there. new member here. I’ve just come into possession of some mk1 Wizards and have been scouring this forum and the rest of the internet for info. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the nom impedance of them? I see the mk2 is 4ohms and assume the mk1s are the same. also, related question; my amp (Yamaha rx396) states when running 1 set of speakers they have to be 8ohm min. And if you want to run both sets they must be 16min. I have been running the wizards through this amp and they sound great. But I haven’t really pushed them. Am I likely to damage them if they are indeed 4 ohm? thanks in advance. james.
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