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  1. Great advice @Dalspec Many thanks for all that quality info. Hmmm on reading the brochure I wonder if mine are the Exports since they have the wooden finish rather than black vinyl...Nahhh not bi-wired at the rear. 🙂
  2. Yeah u betcha I can! I'll knock it up for all tomorrow and add it here. 🙂 Thanks for ure input too
  3. All good Ray, I'm a 51 yr old bloke who shares a house with the 56 yr old owner. Our days of loud music parties are sadly well over (and the babes that came with it) I'm buying them for the quality and nostalgia - they won't be played hard, just enjoyed 🙂
  4. Thanks John - no stands so that will be my next job. I'll elevate them regardless initially to enjoy them once set up!
  5. Thankyou! I assumed it was a good deal and they look lovely so I'll report back when I hook em up tomorrow! I appreciate ure research too 🙂
  6. Hi folks, as I slowly release my emotional attachments to other things audio I have purchased these old girls today for the princely sum of $300. Obviously limited info online of course but I'm not expecting a leadlined/export set here. Just hoping I haven't paid too much for them. I'm picking them up tomorrow and committed to the sale. I'm sure they're lovely sounding and look very well cared for! Opinions encouraged and appreciated. Many thanks. Tim 🙂
  7. Hi All, Recently acquired and was sooo excited getting 'em but there's an issue. There is a 'control tower' on each speaker that includes 'mid range' and 'tweeter' tone dials. Unfortunately on one speaker the mid range dial does nothing and it's basically stuck on zero which absolutely ruins the sound I am able to get out of it. I can't hammer a nail but I bravely opened her up to see if it was a cleaning fix. The dials are run by attenuators that are sealed 😞 and it was a birds nest in there - obviously never opened which was ok i guess. I'm hopeful it's a solder issue or somethin
  8. You're right mate there is that strip there. I just didn't notice that detail in instruction manual till you alerted me to it. I'll check it out and thankyou. Tim
  9. God Ray I didn't know about that station strip! That WAS a cool feature. Sadly I got everything but that.. :o(
  10. Probs too much Dave ($900) but it's a keeper and literally as new with even original antennas etc so I'm happy. It oozes quality! 🙂
  11. Man this is becoming a SERIOUS addiction lol Just picked this up today, coming by taxi as we speak... From what I've read this is pretty TOTL stuff so I'm excited to own it. If anyone has any experience with this gear I'd love to know ure thoughts. Fella I bought it off said he got it from a deceased estate - so usual minty super well cared for stuff! Here's a couple of pics now it's here... It sounds absolutely amazing.. The detail in everything I listen to is exquisite!!! (Even made those Technics speakers sound audiophile.. :P) 🙂
  12. Ok... ure officially the coolest person I have met here. #bows lol (And yes I hear vinyl makes em sing!)
  13. Well... with much thanks to 3 members here who either sold or purchased some bits and pieces from me I am now the proud owner of these rather fascinating speakers. (Thanks to the two lovely fellas from StereoNet who purchased my stuff here and were absolute gentlemen.) I know I may be fried by u audiophiles who think Technics speakers are all rubbish but apparently these guys are actually very special. (If nothing else they will be a talking point in my living room.. "What the heck are THOSE things? Looks like a UFO....") All I know from googling incessantly is that they are rare af here and
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