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  1. Get the Bose QC35 you can't go wrong and from experience Bose have really good after sales support. Not specifically with my ANC's but they sent me a new pair soundsport wireless as I enquired about whether they can point me to a authorised repairer as I wanted to replace the front casing as it was starting to peel (minor cosmetic issue). Instead they just sent me a brand new pair even though my headset was already out of warranty and still working fine.
  2. No experience with these amps but all the recent THX amps seems to get a lot of positive reviews online.
  3. Agree with either 58x or 6xx. I suggest you only get the 6xx if you have a decent amp to drive them work 300 ohm impedence.
  4. Hi all, What do you guys think of iFi Zen dac which is currently being sold for $200? Are there any other amp/dac you would purchase at this price point?
  5. Hi, Living in Sydney currently. I've recently wanted to get into purchasing a new set of amps/dacs + headphones/ earphones. I'm seeking knowledge from the audiophile community within this forum on a great starter pair as the best headset I own is a beyerdynamic dt1350 with a ttvj amp which a bought years ago.
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