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  1. Hi Winno, I’m a local and am happy to pick these up this week or next weekend depending when I’m free. Abhi
  2. Oh lawd. They would have to go into storage. My kitchen/listening room/living room has no room left after my most recent purchase lol.
  3. Unfortunately for my wallet and my girlfriend my tendency is buying equipment. So nice seeing how active and passionate the classified format is in this forum. Wish I knew how good audio could be sooner! My system is quite frugal and incomplete at the moment but I will make sure to post it up soon! Need a TT upgrade asap. Only using a project essential with limitations of a cartridge upgrade which is a bummer but I am looking forward to picking up something used in the forum eventually!
  4. The Gaggia classic is great. I don't have a home espresso machine at the moment. Although with all this extra time at home at the moment I have really been enjoying putting on a record while I brew some V60 pour over. My speakers face my kitchen - my favourite place in my apartment!
  5. This is such a beautiful set up. GLWTS I'm only suburbs away, wish I had the room for it!
  6. Thank you. I can imagine my life becoming that way over the next 30 years (hopefully!) retiring to a nice collection and some toys would be a beautiful thing after years of hard work.
  7. Well now I know your preferred audio source... Equally as important to me is the next question. What is your brewing method of choice?
  8. Wow. Thanks for this, it's just what I needed!
  9. Hello Audiophiles, Just thought I'd say g'day and introduce myself. I'm an early 30's business owner that has now fallen in love with coming back home after a long day at work and listening to some vinyl. I've been growing my vinyl collection for about 8 years and am now slowly upgrading different aspects of my set up as I spend more and more time on this amazing site. Currently listening to Billy Joel, Muddy Waters and Lee Oskar on high rotation. Looking forward to learning much more!
  10. A friendly friend shot on my 7D a few years ago before it died. Always liked this shot. Hope you do too!
  11. This is so crisp, love the texture and light on the chest. What equipment did you use?
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