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  1. Oh dang it! Love my vinyl... hope they rebuild.
  2. HOLY CRAP y'all! This is one cool arse thread. Beautiful TT gear here... everyone of them. Enjoying this immensely, keep it coming. Skip
  3. Hello all... Where... We live in Laramie, WY U.S. About... I'm 62 yrs old. Born 9-13-1957. Married to my lovely wife Martha for 42 years. Luckily she's into audio too 😬 Have been into audio since the 70's. Had a tour overseas (1970's) courtesy Uncle Sam. There were two hobbies, back then, when you're in the military, one is photography and the other was audio... I don't take pictures 🤣 What I did to pay for our hobbies... I'm a retired High-Voltage Power Lineman. It was a great career but, it took a tole on my body. A curse of the profession, It's getting harder to lug around the heavier audio gear now! Time to get to our end-all system to enjoy. Our system... Our system now consists of WOPL Claire Bros Phase Linear 700's bi-amping Infinity Kappa 9's. We've pretty much run the line of audio gear and have returned to the older stuff, as far as amplification & speakers. Love LP's... there's just something about the music that LPs do, it just sounds right. Other hobby... When not listening to my system I like to show and race our 89 turbo Supra and our 92 GT3000 VR4. What a blast! My wife used to race SCCA too but, in recent years is just a spectator ☹️ Audio sites... I'm a member of a couple of other audio sites to include Audiogon and Audiokarma. I came across y'alls site doing a search of some older TT's... Kenwood KP-1100 & KP-9010. More of our system... The new addition to our stereo system is the Kenwood KP-1100 which will be coming to our door soon. It'll take the place of our VPI TNT 5. The KP 1100 and our Denon DP 2000 with an SME Series III tonearm will be our go to LP playback... that dang VPI is just too large 😣 Rest of the system includes an Oppo BDP-105 and a Pioneer DV-AX10 for digital play. Power goes through a PS Audio P1000 and a Monster 3500. Cabling is Cardas, Monster Sigma & Legacy-Audio... along with some cabling I built myself. I do like to rotate them in & out of our system, that's not too heavy to do. There's a lot of gear just sitting in storage that someday will need to be cleared. Am not looking forward to that! I guess that's the only curse I find in this wonderful hobby 😭 Well, that's about it. Hope this finds everyone on StereoNET well and enjoying our hobby/passion. Cheers and Prost to all... Oh, I go by the name Skip.
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