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  1. Sorry Andy, To put it succinctly, the current plate amp is rectangular, some of the newer ones I am looking at are square, or smaller. Therefore I am wondering if it is feasible to have two plates, or fill the current cut-out with MDF, and then do another, smaller cut-out for the new plate am? I wasnt thinking so much about increasing the power, maybe mildy, from 150W to 200W, but more the quality. A quick google tells me that the current plate amp may have reliability problems (although I got 15 years out of mine!), and perhaps a Wagner would be better buying? Cheers
  2. Hey there, I have a 150W Sub from "theloudspeakerkit", which is randomly "Womping" really loudly. I can buy the same plate amp: https://www.altronics.com.au/p/a2451-opus-one-180w-active-subwoofer-amplifier/#/ Which will swap in perfectly. However I was thinking it might be a nice opportunity to upgrade. My question is: If I go with a different sized plate amp, what effect will this have on the subwoofer? I have read they need to be perfectly sealed? I could cut a 3mm Ali backing plate to mount the amp on, and then screw this into the original mounting holes. Or I could use MDF. Thoughts?
  3. Classic example of what I am tossing up between: Near new Yamaha RX-V683 - $450 Or RX V3800 $550 Or RX A3020 $890 Anyone got any thoughts or experience on these?
  4. Nope. Yep. got any thoughts? Yeh... I have time and more research to do! Thanks for the help!
  5. Yep, that was one I was looking at.... there is also a Cambridge Azur 751 that looks very tempting......
  6. When you say "Need an external source for this" what do you mean? Currently I use a PC, with VLC Media Player, then via Wifi to Chromecast. Due to the HDMI issues with the Onkyo, the Chromecase is plugged into the TV, then via Optical to the Onkyo. Not the best solution, but the only one I have for now.... Would PC-Chromecast-AV receiver be the same as PC-AV Receiver via ethernet? or should I start a new thread on this topic? 😀
  7. Cheers Bizzibee..... is there a list somewhere of Yamaha A vs V model numbers that are identical internally?
  8. I think I entered it all correctly....... Anyway, aside from Courier, I am still in research phase..... not ready to commit just yet! Really want to hear amp working too..... I just did a quote for Perth...... very cheap...... another 200km south, adds a shedload.....
  9. Cheers. Atmos doesn't appeal to me at this point, but s tep up in power and from 5.1 to 7.1 would be great. How advantageous is an Ethernet port? can I stream movies from my PC through this?
  10. Love too..... but I just calculated the courier cost to WA..... you would have to drop the price to $150, so it will fit into my budget!
  11. Hey there. I need to update my AVR. Previously had a Marantz SR4000, then an Onkyo TX-Sr706, which is suffering from HDMI issues. I have Wharfdale Diamond 8.4 fronts and Aaron centre and surrounds, and a Loudspeakerkit 150W Sub. I am looking at the secondhand market. For a budget of around $500, I am after some opinions on buying say a 10 year old ex-top of the line AVR, or a 5 year old middle-tier? I am looking for surround sound quality, with some music ability. 7.1 would be preferred. For example, I have seen a Cambridge Azur that has 7.1, but is 10 years old. I am also keen on a Yamaha, I have seen a RX-V3900, and various RX-V units in that price range. Is it a case of technology and quality trickling down over a few years? for example the basic yamaha today is the same as the top of the line one from 6 years ago? Or is the basic model always lesser quality? Any thoughts or opinions would be gratefully accepted, as I scan through the classifieds and Gumtree/Facebook. Cheers
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