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  1. "In Germany, UBR-X100 is listed for €800, while the UBR-X200 is double the price, at €1600. The new Blu-ray players are the only products in the Reavon catalogue right now, and they'll be available by April." New company (unproven) at that price....... I'd be sitting this one out I think. 🙃
  2. Agree they are an excellent speaker. Sounds like you have a beautiful setup. These are being used predominately for HT with some 2 channel listening duties, about a 80/20 split. Power for LCR is via a Parasound Halo A31. I've been offered a pair of Monitor Audio PL500 II at a good price which I am tempted to audition, thus the EOI on the KEF's. If I have no takers then I'll happily keep the R11's and pass on the MA's.
  3. Further information: Putting out an initial EOI for these as I'm considering an upgrade that has been unexpectedly offered to me. These were purchase new by me approx. 12 months ago from a Melbourne retailer. They are in 'as new' condition and look (and sound) stunning in gloss black. I do not have the original boxes so pick up would be required or shipping (and packing) arranged at buyers expense. The R11's and R2C center currently retail for $12,190 together so the almost 40% discounted asking price will not be negotiable. Spec can be found on KEF website at the following lin
  4. Marc, I have a few of their products including the Cloudplate T5 and Airframe T7 which I use to cool a server closet that houses an IT equipment rack (32U). Build quality is reasonable good, nice features but noise levels aren't great. If you have a server room or dedicated space away from your listening area then fine, otherwise you may be disappointed. They move a sufficient amount of air. Fan levels range from 1-6, anything over 3 is annoying not just in volume but pitch/tone. In a listening space anything over 1 is too loud for me. If/when I get around to it I'll likely re
  5. New V6.003 firmware looks to be up on Sony's FTP site for the 790ES. No release notes published as yet. Interested to know what changes have been made?
  6. I'm sure many will be interested in the first real look at the new AVM processors.
  7. You'll need to buy adapters, they don't come with AU power. I have few different models in their Cloudplate series and they all use an adapter like this. I assume the T10 will be the same.
  8. Review from Steve Withers on the 790ES. 9/10 but sounds like he still prefers the JVC. https://www.avforums.com/reviews/sony-vpl-vw790es-4k-laser-projector-review.18251
  9. Correct. The auto translate on this one isn't the best, you're right. What I liked about this video is it's refreshing to actually see footage of the Lumagen at work, with on/off comparisons, something I feel is missing from Lumagen own marketing material. As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"
  10. Probably the best Lumagen demo video I've seen.
  11. Order placed for AVM70 today. Fingers crossed it's here in time for Xmas.
  12. I will likely have my AVM60 (about 6 months old) up for sale shortly for anyone interested.
  13. Also a little peeved, only had my AVM60 for around six months and picked up an MCA525 for some additional channels three weeks ago! New stuff looks great btw.
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