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  1. Great find. Excited for more details on the VPL-VW790....
  2. I still have a brand new WireWorld Chroma 7 in a 12M length currently for sale on eBay. Was posted in the classifieds here a while back. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WireWorld-Chroma-7-High-Speed-UHD-HDMI-Cable-12m-40-ft-New-in-box/202935368636
  3. No, don't have any photos of my setup with these speakers, sorry. For context, I have these matched with a pair of KEF R11 fronts and R2c center channel and it sounds great. Below is a sample frequency response (in my room) of the Q50a after calibration below 500hz for both a surround and back speaker.
  4. Any calibrators based in Victoria that are experience with Lumagen products?
  5. Yes. I currently use four of the KEF Q50a (wall mounted) for my surrounds and rear surrounds. More than happy with their performance. As per the user guide, these are also designed to be used for this purpose.
  6. For $350ish, the Synology DS218play would be my pick. https://www.synology.com/en-global/products/DS218play
  7. No, the CXN V2 don't do multi room like the Sonos, you'd lose that functionality. This wasn't a problem for me as the ZP80/ZP90 type device are connected to existing systems which I would almost never include in grouped zone playback. Add to this when you have zones grouped you're usually using Sonos to play background/party music, not for critical listening. If you needed this functionality you could always run both together, just use different inputs. I still have my Play and Amp units for other parts of the house, ceiling speakers, etc. Sonos is great for that, but when you want to 'listen' to music, I would be using something else. It sounds like you've got an interest in chasing higher quality sound, so IMO spending money to improve Sonos outside of it's intended use is wasted.
  8. Also a long time Sonos user and still have many of their products, but IMO if you're chasing a good improvement in audio quality, don't waste time and money on Sonos. As already suggested, improving your source material should yield some better results but outside of that, I'd be looking to step your hardware game up. As an example, I swapped out all of my ZP80/ZP90/Connect for Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamers. No regrets, everything sounds better including Spotify.
  9. Full bandwidth HDMI (18 Gbps) is probably one of the biggest attractions for me as I spend a good amount of time gaming on my setup. With the release of new gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PS5) by years end, it has given me some additional motivation to revisit my display capabilities, thus part of my interest in any new releases from Sony or JVC. Not sure how DTM on current JVC's compares to the static mapping from Panasonic's UB9000, but if the results are anything like that... well lets just say I find it underwhelming at best. Don't get me wrong, it's better than nothing but really just highlights to me how difficult it is to get a good HDR experience from projectors. I adopted 4K early on in the piece, and through all the changes and attempts to improve HDR on projectors, all the different devices, the net result has always left me asking myself ... "is that it?". I have OLED and QLED displays that as you would expect are excellent for HDR. Yes, I'm well aware that these are completely different display technologies but it does make me question if it's worth chasing. I'm certainly prepared to continue to invest in my system for a better quality image (contrast, colour, brightness, sharpness, etc) but I really do question if HDR is part the equation for me, specifically in a projection setup. How many members can genuinely say they are impressed with the HDR performance on their projector setup? If so, what are you running?
  10. Bigger than anything practically available in any other type of display technology. I currently have a 120" so even a 100" TV would still be too small I think, especially with cropped content. Adding to that, I just ordered a new 130" screen from Oz Theater Screens so I'll be sticking with front projection for my theater room for the foreseeable future. This is the sweet spot for me at the moment too. No doubt that if/when this happens, pricing will be disproportionate to the rest of the market. Some interesting comments regarding additional processors like the Lumagen and Envy. Satisfying HDR on a projector is something I have almost given up on. SDR2020 is were it's at for me currently. Perhaps I'll investigate a 760ES or NX7 + Lumagen or Envy combo as a possible upgrade path. What did you end up doing with these? Did Sony replace them for you? Do you still have them or swapped for something else?
  11. All excellent points. Ignoring price, the weight, heat and noise from the Z1 are deal breakers for me. I couldn't get past that regardless of any discount or feature update. The Sony 760ES is the front runner for me at the moment. It has a good balance of price (relative) and performance and is installation friendly (for me). With the ongoing developments in DTM and although not that important to me at the moment, the introduction of HDMI 2.1, what I wouldn't want to do is drop $20K+ on a projector today, only to see JVC or Sony release a new model the next day sporting 2200+ lumens, DTM, HDMI 2.1, improved contrast, etc. for the same or less price.
  12. Assuming Sony does actually drop SXRD, it's also possible they could outsource the display technology going into their projectors, like they have with their OLED displays. Sony have arguably some of the best image processing and optics in the world, so it would be a shame to see it go away. Why not get JVC to supply their LCoS chipsets!? That would be a great combo!
  13. Semantics. Even if they share the same chassis and are largely the same, they are are still given a different model designation, thus a new model. However you want to view it, there hasn't even been any iterative changes (or announcements) to the line up from Sony or JVC for some time. I'm under no pressure to make a purchase, my current 520ES has been flawless and still throws a great image. I absolutely agree that current lamp based units achieve some excellent results but my interest in updating it is largely driven by a want to move to laser. As mentioned here already, laser is a better experience than lamp, and having auditioned both I would agree. Combine this with the high price of entry into premium home cinema projectors (regardless of light source) it doesn't make sense for me to invest that sort of money if it doesn't scratch the itch I have.
  14. Perhaps my understanding of product cycle differs, but if I look at Sony's model lineup over the past 5 or so years with my current device it looks to be updated circa those time frames. E.g VPL-VW500ES (2013) VPL-VW520ES (2015) VPL-VW550ES (2016) VPL-VW570ES (2018) 4 models in 5 years.... so keeping with that theme, my assumption was that if the VPL-VW760ES was released back in 2017 it must me due for an update, or at least another model to expand the laser lineup. I am aware that Sony made some significant improvements to the 760 via firmware, and perhaps this model does have even more to give via future software changes. More to the point, the fact that Sony hasn't released any information or roadmap for the VW series of home theater projectors, together with the withdrawal from the commercial cinema scene doesn't give me much confidence. The linked article only references commercial applications, yes, but there must be a knock-on effect to the home market. The technology used for home devices is developed here. Issues with Sony's LCoS technology (SXRD) is well documented and goes back many years and doesn't only impact commercial devices, it's simply accelerated in that application and environment. (e.g https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2247282-sony-sxrd-degradation-thread-effects-all-current-sony-sxrd-1080p-4k-panels.html) All of those new models use 3LCD, which makes sense for their target market. Probably not great for home cinema. Agreed that when large displays (I'd want to see 120"+) become competitively positioned against projectors it will be a game changer. I feel like some of my comments may seem like I'm being negative toward Sony, but I'm actually a huge fan. I've had (and have) many of their display devices, all of which have been excellent. I want to see new models being developed, specifically new laser projectors for home cinema. I would pull the trigger on a 760ES (or replacement) today, but with some of the information and discussions surfacing across the internet (the source of truth :P) I'm starting to get cold feet. If I'm looking at JVC's current offerings.... well... if you want laser (which I do) its only the Z1 on offer, and I'm not sold. It's now over 4 years old and IMO is overpriced and bested by its lamp based stablemates. Nothing in the way of updated model lines here either. So I wait.
  15. It's been unusual not seeing anything, even a preview or roadmap for new models in this space from either Sony or JVC, both of which usually have a 2 year product cycles. Both must be due for something soon, surely? I can certainly understand the impact of COVID-19 on R&D and manufacturing of these products but wouldn't have though it would keep the marketing departments away. Without sounding like a sales brochure, laser technology has many benefits over traditional lamps based light sources beyond replacement hours. For the average person watching a movie every other week, is the current premium worth it? No, probably not, but I do see 'value' in the benefits on offer from laser including the 20,000 hour life of the light source as I use mine approx 2000 hours a year so have always needed to replace lamps. IMO laser light sources will be the future for projectors with the lamp going the way of the dodo for all but the very cheapest models. Hopefully you're right about JVC bringing a laser model based on the N series to market soon although I would love to see something new from Sony. Just hope we're not waiting another 12+ months. Fingers crossed.
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