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  1. Also a little peeved, only had my AVM60 for around six months and picked up an MCA525 for some additional channels three weeks ago! New stuff looks great btw.
  2. Update my HDR score to a 8/10 for the 790. Watched a few more movies (Aquaman, Bad Boys for Life) and yeah..... it's good, surprisingly good. I really don't have high expectations for HDR content but the 790 is slowly changing my mind.
  3. I think this makes the most sense. I couldn't comment on the performance of transparent screens as I've never owned one but I'm sure there must be some quality options out there. Ratio's are personal preference, for me it has to be 16:9 for gaming. If you go to a 120" you'll still have a good amount of real estate for 2.35:1 material.
  4. I don't watch many standard blu rays anymore (probably should), mainly UHD, so never really bothered looking/changing settings for upscaling on the Pana. Will certainly review them now that it's mentioned. I haven't personally seen a 590, but is probably 9/10 of the 790 performance. If the out of the box colour in Reference mode is similar/same as the 790, I don't know if there's $800 worth of improvement to be had. Personally I'll be holding off on a calibration. With a few minor tweaks to grayscale using the menus, I'm more than happy with the picture. Perhaps if I ever go do
  5. Not sure on the specifics for each device, but output would be maxed on all of them, so 4K, 12bit, etc. where possible. Fairly certain the projector sees 3840x2160 for almost all content.
  6. I also had a crack at a few photos of the images produced by the Sony so I could share. Not as easy as I thought as it really is difficult to capture the full range and colour accurately. Enjoy
  7. OK, so my 790 was delivered and installed last Friday. Since then I’ve managed to put just over 20 hours on it, much of that time spent fiddling with all the settings (as you do). Also watched a movie (Alita), some Netflix (HD & 4K HDR) and YouTube along with some gaming (Gears 5 & COD) For context, I’m coming of another Sony, the VPL-VW520ES (which is also for sale in the classified section at a cracking price). Video chain is 790 > 10M Audioquest Forest HDMI > Anthem AVM60. Screen is 130” 16:9 1.3 gain. Sources are Panasonic UB9000 and Xbox One X. Never real
  8. I've had a large number of responses to this item, so I'm going to assume this will be sold, just waiting on shipping quotes. Thanks to everyone for your interest, I still need to go through my inbox and reply to everyone. I'll update this listing once sale is completed.
  9. I'm in regional Vic, so fortunately travel restrictions aren't as bad as metro.
  10. Yeah, realised that after I posted. Mods feel free to move.
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