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  1. Silicon pads were created for convenience so to speed up assembly time but mica washer and paste still have the best thermal transfer properties , I personally try to always use the mica washers and paste.
  2. My stereo subwoofer amp I built using these and it easily drives my subs beyond there physical capabilities. https://connexelectronic.com/product/smps2000rxe/ https://connexelectronic.com/product/irs2092-stereo-amplifier/ My subs have never sounded so good. Also all my amps in my car are class D and it sounds fantastic.
  3. I also wanted to try some SOT-23 surface mount PNP transistors in my Playmaster amp (Q3,Q4) , as the Playmaster PCB is configured for TO-92 through hole , I needed some adapters so I knocked up a PCB , the gerber files for the PCB are on my google drive. Out of curiosity I am also building the Silicon Chip SC200 low distortion amp modules and will give them a try too.
  4. Yes , SB Acoustics TW29TXN-B-8 Textreme tweeters are what I am waiting for from WES components.
  5. Well I have fitted the Playmaster Pro series 3 modules back with the Connex SMPS power supplies and it works very well , no noise and very quiet and weighs quite a bit less. While I was at it I also changed the amp modules input transistors Q3 Q4 (BC556) to KSA992 (different pin out so you need to bend the legs to match) and matched their Beta and Vf , I also cable tied them together with some thermal paste so their thermal properties stay the same. I am now back to the sound I am very happy with , the Holton modules never did it for me and were just very boring to list
  6. I spent yesterday listening to the Holton amp modules. I think I am going to fit the Playmaster pro series 3 modules back as they sounded better to me. I'll give it another week before I decide for sure. The things I liked when I first set up the Playmaster were gone with the Holton modules , the clarity wasn't there compared to the Playmaster , there was no sparkle or excitement to the sound , very boring , maybe good for really bright speakers , oh well only way to find out was to try. Still waiting for the Textreme Tweeters. Cheers
  7. I feel like such a dick. When I rebuilt my subwoofer amp from mono to stereo for dual subs I used a Connex IRS2092 class d stereo amp module , you need to wire it so 1 channel is out of phase with the other channel to avoid bus pumping (class d thing). I had done this but when I was fitting my clipping indicator I discovered I had misread the labelling on the outputs of the amp module and didn't have the inverted channel output swapped around so I actually had one subwoofer out of phase with the other. I had not picked this up as I also fitted the second sub at the same t
  8. I had to make another version of the clipping indicator PCB's (clipping_ind_V2) , I changed the resistors that will dissipate heat to standard size through hole resistors except for R9 which I made a 5W through hole resistor , R4 and R5 can't be 0402 surface mount size as I discovered because of heat , I have tested it and it works well now. I now have the SMPS from Connex so I have everything to rebuild my amp , should be in the next week or so . I am still awaiting the Textreme tweeters to try.
  9. Wow , I am really surprised and impressed. The Denon has Audyssey XT32 calibration and after performing the calibration and limiting the frequency range to 500hz it has done a much better job than MSO did with my dual subwoofers. With MSO I still had one particular strong resonance which I could never quite get rid off with multiple tuning attempts , which was very annoying on certain tracks that used a lot of that frequency as it was noticeably louder than the rest. Now after calibrating with the Denon and the included mic , it has removed the resonant fr
  10. I'm still learning to use the Denon but I thought you could only have all the amps on or all off , no in-between , in which case I still need 5 more external amps , could be wrong though , I will check when I get home , thanks.
  11. A bit of an update. I just upgraded my AV surround amp from a Sony DN-1080 to a Denon AVC-3700H , one of the main reasons was that I wanted the pre outs to run a dedicated amp for the main front speakers for music. My old system was a Playmaster pro series 3 amp , Playmaster preamp , and quality cd player before I purchased my first surround amp years ago and retired it all. Since building the SBA-761 I have never quite been fully satisfied with the sound , they sound good but something was missing. So now I am running the Playmaster pro series 3
  12. Thanks Greg , first time doing a recone like this with glue. I used the supplied glue , I did check the glue's specs and it listed it as good for the cone , spider and dust cap. Oh well , I hope it lasts as it has turned out well and sounds good.. Yes I thought I would struggle to get an original JBL recone kit , plenty of aftermarket recones available but I emailed the speaker exchange and the reply was "no problem , we can ship it to you" , so that was a bonus getting the original JBL kit. Cheers
  13. Thought I would put this here in case it of use to anybody. I purchased a driver second hand from the US to build another subwoofer to have two of them. It never sounded quite the same as the original subwoofer I had so I purchased a recone kit. The original JBL recone kit came from here : https://reconingspeakers.com/product/jbl-2226h-2226hpl-c8r2226-recone-kit/ it cost $200 us including delivery to Melb Au. Removing the old glue wasn't too bad , make sure you have a nice sharp blade , I also used MEK to finish the cleanup of the glue ( you can get it from Bunnin
  14. Hi, Yes one thing i learned is don't judge them until both are built The resistor i changed in the crossover to bring the tweeter level up a bit also improved the top end to me and i preferred this. I am very happy with how they turned out and enjoy listening to them. Cheers David
  15. Just thought i would put this here in case it's helpful to someone , a download link for a google sketchup i did for the SBA-761 in 25mm MDF and 20mm baffle (16mm + 4mm MDF) Edit: I have also now included in this link my crossover PCB Gerber files if anyone want's to get them made. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18pD_XOC1PUSxTBHpDr4CGAZh2SWfwh_O?usp=sharing Enjoy David
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