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  1. Hi everyone;


    I've been looking at reviews of new cd players even though I have a NAD cd player that I love the sound of, basically I really love the idea of plugging in a hardrive filled with good quality files into one of those types of players.


    But than it suddenly dawned on me that what I want is not a new cd player but in fact some type of network streamer and digital file player for my hifi.


    I had the idea of getting a refurbished silent thin client desktop like a dell optiplex fx100 and marrying it with a 1TB ssd (silent, holds lots of files, will last longer than a hard drive) and a dac like a schitt modi or audio quest dragonfly. For software I have a spotify subscription that I would like to use on my hi-fi and using it on this pc with my phone should be simple and require no setup, the hard part is finding a media player that sounds good, will read mp3s, flacs and wavs along with any other audio file type and which I can use with my phone as this pc probably won't be hooked up to a screen at all after the initial setup.


    I'd also prefer to use a linux distribution as it would be free and require less system resources than windows and will also not do a update whether you want it too or not and will be happy running for ages.


    I'm pretty new too network streamers and things of the like, ideally my budget is under $400 and I'm happy to tinker and diy and build something rather than buy a out of the box solution running the companies software that you will have to put up with if you don't like or it doesn't work how you'd like.

  2. I haven't had experience with either of these products.


    I don't quite understand your question, if you worded it particularly bad (Your spelling could use some work but hey this is me talking) or I'm particularly dense, are you looking to improve the sound of a cd player/transport with a seperate DAC?


    I do have experience with NAD products and particularly love my C515BEE it sounds great, and it sounds by your admission that you love the sound of your NAD DAC, why change it if you love it already? especially for $2,000 

  3. I consider it low-mid end stuff but it is my hi-fi and I like it a-lot.


    NAD C316BEE Amplifier


    NAD C515BEE CD player, which is currently the best sounding source I have and have ever listened to, currently hooked up with audioquest tower RCAs.


    Pro-ject Essential II turntable, using my amps built in phono pre and upgraded with a simple cork mat.


    Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 Loudspeakers, got them 2 days ago so they're still breaking in, but so far to me they sound excellent.


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  4. 3 hours ago, aussievintage said:

    I have a Project Essential II that I bought because JB put them on sale :)  Quite a capable simple little table.  Only trouble I have had is the damping on the arm lift got sticky.  I washed it out with a little contact cleaner, and so lower the arm lift manually, slowly, now.


    I changed the felt mat to a cork one.  Looks better and doesn't  move like the felt one did. Also, I was not a fan of the Ortofon cart.  Not that it sounds bad, just not to my taste.  I think the table sounds better with an AT 3600L.  Thats a very cheap cart, so would not cost much to try.  I have even put an elliptical upgrade stylus on it.  I would bet the AT VM95 would sound good as well.   Just ideas when you get the urge to upgrade.


    Are you into DIY?  Maybe you could make your own new speakers yourself?

    Ah nice! I got mine from JB a year after I think everywhere were trying to get rid of their stock of them, I wanted a new TT and I was aware of the essential 2 but I was also aware it was sold out everywhere, except my JB had 1 in stock they didn't even list online!


    Those sound like good upgrades, I upgraded my mat to a cork mat aswell, tried to upgrade the cart to an ortofon 2m red but its way heavier than the 5e and the counter weight couldn't deal with it at all so I'd rather stick to the supplied cart, might upgrade the stylus to a om10 some day though

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  5. Hey!


    so it's great you have a dedicated blu-ray and dvd player, that means you can focus on getting a dedicated cd player and streamer!.


    It is quite expensive at a little over 2K at videopro but may I suggest the Marantz ND8006? it is a cd player, streamer (spotify connect, tidal, apple airplay, bluetooth in etc etc all the main ones) and NAS all in one!


    with your current setup if you didn't want to utilise it to its fullest capabilities you could use it as a really good cd player and also tell it to play music from your phone from spotify.


    I probably would not recommend getting at DAC for it straight away and I'd say see how you like how it sounds on it's own.


    Hope I could help!

  6. Hello everyone!


    I have recently purchased a NAD amp which replaced a crappy pre-owned sherwood amp which was replaced by a pair of active $100 edifier speakers, and now my hi-fi is nearly complete with the exception of 1 (or technically 2) component(s)!.


     I'm currently using a pair of crappy refurbished sherwoods I got for $100 to pair with my sherwood amp I got about 2 years ago, however after purchasing the NAD amp and hearing some much better setups than mine it is obvious that these sherwoods are not adequate.


    I am torn between 3 different loudspeakers close to the same price point;  The Klipsch R51M, The ELAC debut 6.2 and The Jamo S803.


    I had heard Klipsch has a certain sound to them that you either love or hate which makes me pensive to jump on spending that kind of money on them, everyone seems to agree ELACs are great but too me they're kind of ugly and I don't want to go with the boring option of "I should get this because everyone says it's great" and finally the Jamos were the speakers I'm most heavily leaning towards, The way people describe the sound quality is exactly what I want and aesthetically they are very beautiful too me, I love the little different coloured wooden platform underneath them and the covers look amazing and they look even better once taken off.


    I'm posting this here basically under the assumption my hi-fi store of choice does not allow sound demoing and would like a second opinion from this forum

  7. Hello all, I thought I'd join this forum as I am also from the great land of Australia and enjoy audio very much.


    My current hi-fi setup is; A NAD C316BEE Amp, NAD C515BEE CD player, Pro-ject essential 2 TT with a Ortofon OM 5e cart and finally a pair of sherwood bookshelfs that are next on the agenda to be upgraded.


    It is not much but it is mine.


    Hope to be talking to you all soon!

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