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  1. I should do the same then, remove the lid completely and rest it back in place when not in use. Reading over the details again, this sentence: "Peter was an 'audio nerd' and everything had to be perfect, and it was!" reminds me of something else about the turntable. Peter told me they had some metal parts machined locally (perhaps they were the pulleys, or something to do with the bearings) and he kept rejecting the parts because they weren't to the micron tolerances he had specified.
  2. Thanks for the detailed response, stevoz. One thing I remember Peter Riley telling me about the turntable is that when it is in use, the lid should be in the open position, for improved audio. I don't know if this was designed into the turntable or it was a discovery after the event. I also don't know how this works but I always did what he said.
  3. A friend of mine got a large TV from Aldi and asked for my advice about upgrading the sound, on a budget, not wanting to spend $100+ on a sound bar. I suggested Logitech X-230 speakers because I remembered they sounded great when I had them years ago. They can still be picked up cheaply from time to time on eBay. Does anyone have a better idea for improved TV audio on a budget?
  4. I haven' read all of this topic, but one comment I will make is that while mechanical processes can remove surface gunk and dust, it can never restore a played vinyl record to its original, pristine condition. This is because the stylus exerts so much pressure on the record at its point that it liquifies the vinyl. So the vinyl becomes a liquid then solidifies again once the stylus has passed. This allows 2 things to occur: microscopic distortion in the groove as it melts and re-hardens, foreign matter that is present in the groove to fuse to the vinyl while it is in a temporary liquid state. No cleaning process can correct for these.
  5. I have a turntable branded Advance Audio Australia that I bought in a hi-fi store in Dandenong (of all places) that was reputed to be as good as or superior to the best reference turntables of the day. It came with a lifetime warranty but the store that sold it (and I believe made/assembled it) closed down then opened up again in East Bentleigh, I think, and then disappeared. Anyway, the turntable is still going well. I wonder if any members know about it and think it lives up to those claims. It cost hundreds of dollars in the '80s.
  6. Same with me. I'm looking to make available some old equipment to enthusiasts.
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