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  1. If you are needing a replacement stylus, we can supply a nude elliptical one here. https://analoguedepot.com.au/Replacement-Styluses-Needles.php#!/Shure-M55E-N55E-M80E-N80E-Nude-Elliptical-diamond-replacement-stylus/p/245633202/category=62143884 David
  2. We believe so and you are also receiving genuine Australia authorised stock including the English language manual. David
  3. Hi all. This offer has closed. Available cartridges have been distributed. Thank you for your response. David
  4. For those asking. Yes, we will apply the same offer to all Nagaoka Cartridges. Regards David
  5. Further information: Brand new Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge. When you buy from our site mention that you are a SN forum member in the comment field and we will include an electronic stylus pressure gauge when we post your cartridge. We will also upgrade the postage from normal parcel post to Express Post. David
  6. Hi. We can help if you are interested in a new one. See our site. regards David
  7. I have not had much response to this which rather surprises me. Perhaps I have not been clear. The reviewer does not need to return the cartridge after the review. David
  8. Hi All Nagaoka released their new MM Jeweltone series in the latter part of 2020 which includes the entry level JT-80LB at $339. Is any one interested in reviewing and posting their findings? Please PM me if you are interested and can provide a few details of what you intend doing in way of comparison etc. Thank you. David
  9. At $239 less 10% (StereoNet offer until end of February) a Nagaoka MP-110 would be hard to better in the sub $300 bracket.
  10. For those who have asked and anyone else who is interested, we also carry nude elliptical stylus products made in the same Swiss factory as a range of other brands. Ours are branded EVG. They can be found on our site. Pricing is very similar to what you would pay for bonded elliptical tips so on a performance for outlay basis they are worth considering. The discount code given in our introduction comment will also work for these and in fact anything else on our site until the end of February. Cheers David
  11. Tim I cannot help thinking that if it shows that much deterioration, that belt is very old stock. Belts should store away from light for several years. David
  12. I have a Yamaha TC720. Built to last and still going strong. If you can find one you cannot go wrong.
  13. Hi All We are new on Stereo.Net but have been supplying replacement parts for vintage analogue vinyl players, reel and cassette tape recorders across Australia for years. Mostly through word-of-mouth but with some presence on eBay. We have a new site which is being gradually built. I.T. is not our area of expertise so we appreciate your patience. We really are analogue types. We are also the only authorised source for Nagaoka cartridges in Australia and it is for this reason that I am making this post. As an introduction to Stereo.Net forums we are making a 10% discount offer
  14. In follow-up to my previous comment on the older MP-11 cartridge, I have had this reply from Nagaoka. "Yes , the JN-P110 fits the MP-11 well . ( JN-P11 has already been discontinued for a long time )" The JN-P110 is stylus for the MP-110 cartridge but clearly will fit the legacy MP-11 model.
  15. Hi We are the sole authorised source for Nagaoka in Australia. I see someone has already posted. David
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